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Monday, May 30, 2011

My Lemonade day!

One hot day!
Delicious lemonade - 50 cents. Delicious Chocolate cup cake - 50 cents.
Is her artwork a great sign?

I should sell watermelon too.
Pineapple sorbet, it sounds good too. "Dad, can I eat ice cream?"
Cherry on ice cream, it sounds good, too.

Annabel Daughter Apron by Hoodie's Goodies.
Fit 2-7 years old. (Suggesting size)
She is 8 years old. It still fits on her.
Fruits series is not available for sale yet.
Apple and Lime will be in the fruits series too. Annabel Mom will coordinate with Daughter's.
We take pre-order. Contact

1 comment:

Heather Bond said...

The fabrics are so cute and whimsical. Sadie makes a great model too!