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Monday, June 9, 2008

Thanks for coming!

The Show report from NY.

The weather was quite unpleasant when we had the show in NY.
It was cold and rainy during the show week.

Now, a couple weeks later it is a scorching 98 to 100 degrees. No one can believe we wore a coat or jacket 20 days ago.

I'm sorry I couldn't post immediately after the show in NY.

I had a serious creativity issue after the show...
I couldn't stop creating!

Here was my Booth.
This was my first show at The International Stationery Show in NY.

Unfortunately I was very sick a week before the show and my helper was sick during the show. I also hurt my knee during the booth set-up. The show couldn't wait until we would get better.

However, I met very interesting people, had great conversations and gained knowledge.

It was a great experience for all of us.

Thank you very much, Sam! I couldn't have made it without you!

Here is my new line of Letterpress Note Cards; "Clapping, tapping!"

It is not only that!

The background of the sign is from my new line of fabrics; "Serving Set" from the new "Morning Call" group.

The Tablecloth is also from my new fabrics design; "Fun Dots Ring"

"Morning Call" group will be released from Blank Quilting in July.