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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

20% off July Special @ in a sewing mood Etsy store. Hoodie's fabrics, Sale!

These two Collections are my undercover collection!
Hoooom,,,, yes, these are Hoodie's!

in a sewing mood is my undercover blog, too.
Our sewing creative staff is working great posts.
  • Class room - Tutorials by mandy munroe
  • Sewing room - Introduce beautiful projects and quilts / Using Newcastle Fabrics Collections
  • Guest room - Interview our licensee artists and quilters .... more...
  • Events Report - Quilt markets and more
  • News - Our new products
Now I opened  "in a sewing mood" store

Christmas in JULY.. I do Thanksgiving in July, too.

Happy days for coming"Thanksgiving"
Happy days fat quarter bundle 8SKU
8SKU Happy days Fat Quarter bundle $21.00
Happy days fat quarter bundle 8SKU
Yard Bundle $80.00 Each yard $10.50
 Wishes for coming "Christmas"
Wishes Fat quarter bundle 13SKU
13SKU Wishes Fat Quarter $32.00
Wishes Fat quarter bundle 13SKU
Yard Bundle $120.00 each yard $10.50
 I do sell "Styl Mod" and "Styl Mod 2"
Please  let me know SKU number. I will list on our store.
Any hoodie's fabrics -  20% off until 31st July.