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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Joyful Holiday Goodies

Click LOGO to the store

Limited Edition, Holiday kits  four printed bias tapes 3yd and a star ornament Pack!

Not include a woven coaster in the pack. You need to make it!

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Not include a woven coaster in the pack. You need to make it!

After you make two coasters and two ornaments, put them the clear box. it is a warm Christmas gift for everybody! 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

fab-a-la-carte - One-of-a-Kind store

The store is OPEN!


Set of fun bias tape pack is @ fab-a-la-carte.
Pattern and instructions are in the pack.
Great Christmas project!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!


Thursday, November 3, 2016

Preview!!!! Wrap-Up "Love My Hips" Sewing patterns and instructions.

"Love My Hips" can be your accent fashion item or apron or Hips warmer. 
It depends on materials to use for it.
You need to wear on Leggings or Jeans underneath of "Love My Hips"
Tuck your top shirt in or out, choose your style on your way. 
Styling instructions will be on my blog. It is cute for any size of the body! Really!!!!!

If you are not a sewer, don't worry finished products will be in my shop in 2017.

My new shop site has been the delay for active. I'm working on it.
However, you can purchase my fabrics on my Etsy "fab-a-la-carte."

Brooklyn, my neighborhood and "Love My Hips."
and  Crossbody Steo_Out Pochette Pattern will be ready soon, too!

"Love My Hips" and "Step-Out Pochette."
Front - Fabrics - "City Live" by Hoodie
NY Night,  Door-to-Door for Skirt and Bicycle for the pocket
Back - Fabric "City Live" by Hoodie Door-to-Door
Brooklyn Brownstone view

Once Around Collection by Hoodie Crescent for Stof Fabrics was released on October

Once Around Collection 20 SKU Fat Quarter

Once Around / Orange, Turq Combo 6 SKU Fat Quarter

Once Around / Mustard, Cream Combo 7 SKU Fat Quarter

Once Around / Vintage Combo 7 SKU Fat Quarter

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Live City by Hoodie Crescent for Stof Fabrics was released on August

I’m living with my love, Chowder in Brooklyn. He wasn’t a city boy, but he is, now. We walk 3 to 4 times in a day. Longest walking is late afternoon to go to the big park. We walk at least ten blocks every day. The Image of "Door to Door” is our view of the street. Here is a Bicycle town. Bicycles are everywhere! The image of “ Bicycle" The latest walk is just before our bedtime. We walk toward to East River. I see the view of lights on NYC. The image of "NY night”. We watch bridges lights and Empire State Building, Chrysler building every night. I can see the freedom tower from our roof top. 
Mosaic - the Image of the road and walls. Come to Brooklyn where I live, then find out the meaning of "Live City.”
Full version of Live City
Fat Quarters is available @ fab-a-la-carte
Black Combo of Live City. The night views of my neighbourhood.
Blue Combo of Live City. The afternoon views of my neighbourhood.
Beige Combo of Live City. The morning views of my neighbourhood.
Mosaic Combo. Great set for any combinations of patchworks!

Our fab-a-la-carte is under the construction, hope to see you soon!!!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Annaluna Block Quilt - Free PDF Patterns @ Hoodie's Pincushion

What a treasure! You can get two beautiful quilt instructions FREE!

Buy fabrics @ fab-a-la-carte

Friday, June 24, 2016

Annaluna Flower Quilt - Free PDF Patterns @ Hoodie's Pincushion
What a treasure! You can get two beautiful quilt instructions FREE!

Buy fabrics @ fab-a-la-carte

Monday, June 20, 2016

Composition Book Cover - Loft Life Collection / Tutorial @ Hoodie's Pincushion
Click the picture!
Click the picture!
Click the picture!
Click the picture!
Click the picture!
Click the picture!
Click the picture!
Click the picture!
 Kits are @ fab-a-la-carte

Do you want to buy finished products?  
I'm planning to sell my sewing items of kits or sewing patterns.
 "Sample Sale" coming soon!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Loft Life by Hoodie Crescent for Stof Fbarics / Fat quarter Bundle @ fab-a-la-carte

Full collection Bundle
Loft Life Bundle

Mod wave and Brick Bundle
In the room and Lamps Bundle
Separate Bundle

Indoor collection "Loft Life" it was just released!
Outdoor collection "Live City" will be released on August!
Outside view of Brooklyn!!!!.
Related Collections.

Let play with "Loft Life"!
Sale @ fab-a-la-carte

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

100% Organic Eco-friendly Hemp Washcloths and Brushes, Natural Degrees Brand @ fab-a-la-carte

Feels Good Refresh Set

100% organic hemp hand knitting washcloth, wash mitt, back scrubber 
and brushes (No hand and with hand)
Gift - a pack of Japanese bath-salt.

Fields of hemp, bundles of spun yarn, bamboo needles clacking and voices carrying through the days. Thousands of stitches and hand knitting for the gentle exfoliating cloths to warm and invigorate your body. Different shapes and sizes for different places, a wash mitt (L10"xW4.75) for the face, a washcloth (W9" x L9.5") for front body, legs and arms, a back Scrubber (W6'xL18") for your back body.
It provides the perfect texture to gently exfoliate the skin, promoting the utmost silkiness. Hand-processing and knitting are the keys to their superb results.
Happiness and Soft-skin GUARANTEED!

These brushes are hand-carved from bamboo and bristled with hand-sewn palm fiber for a truly natural feel on your feet, elbow, or wherever you want! Also great in the kitchen,
workshop or any scrub job!
We also enclose a pack of Japanese Bath-salt as our gift. Enjoy the feeling of hot-spring water in your bath tub.
Relax and Refresh from your stress of the day.
Feels Good Refresh Set

Individual  Pack

Hand-Knitting 100% Organic Eco-friendly Washcloth
Hand-Knitting 100% Organic Eco-friendly Wash Mitt
Hand-Knitting 100% Organic Eco-friendly Back Scrubber

A sewer needs our washcloth!
These are a great gift to your friends and family.