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Friday, December 31, 2010

A Happy New Year, 2011!

A Very Wonderful and Bright New Year!10:00 am December 31st in NJ.
Japan was into 2011 already.
Europe is next.
We still have half day into 2011. I can't wait smiley bunny is coming.
We are expecting a nice happen for coming new year,
let create one new thing every day in 2011.
Love & Hugs,

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Christmas Story.

This is a tree at Bryant Park. I supposed to post it before Christmas, but I didn't.
My Christmas Eve,

I supposed to go to The Craft Lounge. Then I supposed to get a box from Sue's house for Nancy, two packs of meatball from IKEA for our Christmas Eve party at Lisa's and cakes from our favorite bakery in our neighbors town for Christmas party on the actual day 25th at Pam's.
I couldn't do any of my duties.


My dog, Chowder ran away. My son opened our garage when Chowder was there.
He didn't come home for three hours!
When I called him or chased him, he ran away more.
He looked at me and ran the other way. He come home by himself usually in an hour.
He was in my yard, but he didn't come to the door. He sat at drive way, but he didn't come to the door.
My son and I tried to capture him with his favorite treat several times.
Whenever he looked us, he ran the other way.

He loves the game always when he gets out.

It was longest hours! Three hours.
Our neighbors came out for walking their dogs.
Chowder showed and played with the neighbor's dogs.
We captured Chowder, finally.

It was 4:00 pm.
Our party will start 5:30 pm. We needed to drive an hour to get there.
We needed to leave.

Chowder ran away a week ago at mid night. We came back from my son's ice hockey game and opened the garage door.
Chowder ran away!
I tried to catch him and tripped and fall on the drive way.
I injured on my face, fingers and knees.
I'm still looked awful.

Our garage door was broken for two years. I finally replaced new garage door.
We are not get used to deal with my dog and new garage door!

Next day, on Christmas day. I waked up 7:00 am and went to our favorite bakery.
Our American family loves this bakery's cake!!!!
Of course, bakery was closed. Super Markets were closed!

Town was so quiet!

But Korean bakery was opened. There was expensive beautiful Christmas cakes.
I wasn't sure my American family like the taste of Asian Cake.

I was thinking, I was thinking,
I decided to go to my favorite diner that make best Strawberry short cake.
It was so empty on my way. BUT, Diner was packed, I never know Americans go to Diner on Christmas day morning.

They could sell their cheese cake for me. It was huge!!!!!
I couldn't buy other cakes because they baked on their plates.
I got two piece of strawberry cakes as well.
We all said Merry Christmas at the diner at early morning.

I decided to bring my favorite Japanese cream puff, too.
They gave me a free cream puff to me.
9:00 am, I said "Merry Christmas!" with many people and I got a present already.

I came back home and waked up my son. I was very happy to tell him what I got already!
He was happy to eat a strawberry short cake!!!
We started watching "The Christmas Story" as our traditional Christmas day!
Then we opened our presents.
My son baked Cinnamon roll for his cousin! Then we went to our American sister's house.

All American love Diner Cake. So am I!!!
I got a wonderful Christmas and my favorite cakes!

P.S. I forgot taking pictures of cakes. Geeee! All gone!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Annabel Kid's Apron @ the stores.

Kid's Annabel Apron (2 - 7 year old) by Hoodie's Goodies.
$32.00 in the pouch. (Name tag)

This fabric (Fringe Daisy - Pink and Orange) was discontinued by Blank Quilting.
We have 8 aprons for pink, four for Orange version -Bias Tape/Spin Jam - Aqua!
• @ Tail Tree in Japan,
• @ The Craft Lounge.
• @ J-Wave Bryant Park.
• @ Hoodie in the box after season sale is over.
If you are interesting to buy before Christmas.
Please contact

  • Precious Garden Aprons/ Green and Pink
  • Lovely Morning / Ivory, Blue, Purple
Hoodie in the box
Season Sale - All 30% off.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bryant Park Holiday Market in NY / J-wave

She is a store owner, YUKO who wore Japanese Character costume.
Halloween was over! I know, But.....
These costumes remind me my favorite movie "A Christmas story"
Ralphie got a pink rabbit costume (bunny pajamas) from Aunt Clara on Christmas morning,.
It is unique Christmas present! Besides it is warm.
Yuko says, "I like people smile. These costumes make smile and happy."
Her company sells mainly stationery goods.
She coordinated animal's goods in her Holiday market store at Bryant Park for this year.
She put Hoodie's Goodies space at the center of the store.
They are different from others, but they are blending in the store.
My Cats and Fish are displaying. So far - no price on it.
I still don't have a time to make them. Sorry!
It has been open for two weeks. (November 4th - January 2nd)
Hoodie's Goodies - Skirt Apron, Oven Mitts, Leaf, for two weeks.
Annabel Mom's Apron, Annabel kid's Apron in the pouch, Bell Pot Holder (new items)
Best seller item is "leaf" $8.00 in the clear box.
I know it is not cheap, but we are selling well so far!
People are asking, "What is this?"
Decoration, Key plate, Coaster,
Chopsticks rest.
This is a great idea!This store's location is behind the NY Public Library, by the Christmas tree (Not yet),
by the Skate Link.It is the perfect location!

Monday, November 8, 2010

A cute visitor in our booth!

What a cool apron!
It is called "Pantry Points Apron"
from Crooked Nickel Quilt Designs
Lisa Maki came Blank Quilting Booth and showed this cool apron.
Using my Spot Dots / Red #5291 & Hoop Dots / Black #5296

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Veggie Patch at the International quilt market.

It is a great quilt!!
You can download pattern FREE!
Many people might missed seeing it. It was displayed at dead zone of the booth.
It was a good location for the people were in the booth, but it wasn't good location from outside of the booth.
Still, we could got the attention because I wore them.

I hope Blank Quilting will make these aprons project sheets ASAP.
Then I can make kits or finish products from Hoodie's Goodies.
It might be a good idea.
The pockets are perfect size for your cell phone.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's a miracle. I'm the winner!

Announcement!!! My second quilt got the first place!
Thank you! It was a great opportunity to participate a strong mind with breast cancer survivors and their families at the show.
My quilt will travel many places with Simplicity members.
Hope "Miracle" is going to spread everywhere!
It was very interesting to watch people who looked at my quilt.
They looked at all quilts on the wall and stopped in front of mine.
They stepped back and stepped forward.
Then they touched the breast.

I wore my Veggie's apron. Tomatoes!
Show report is next.

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Breast Cancer Awareness Designer Bandana Quilt Challenge.

When I got the package from Simplicity, I ignored these bandanas.
So I put them in the closet.
I read the paper before I make the quilt.

* Must use our cherish Bandanas
* Must uses Simplicity Studio Tools: 30 and 45 degree triangles, 4.5", 6.5" Squares

Oh, I need the bandanas? Where are they? I needed looking for them in my closet.

They required a Digital image.

My bathroom Tragedy couldn't let me to do any work for long time.
My schedule was behind. I was mentally sick in many reasons.
---- I put the post of my bathroom in a couple of days, but I took it out.

I called Michele and asked, "I need a couple of more days! I need to send you the digital image, right? Then you will choose who can be in the challenge, right?"
She said, "Since you were the winner last year, just go ahead to make it."

Oh thanks!!!

Here is my idea on my sketchbook.
Here is my quilt.
See, it is different from my sketchbook..
I was so glad I could skipped a digital image.
I'm not a quilter. I didn't know where to go.

I lost my mother who suffered with Breast Cancer three years ago. My life has changed.

I had a mammogram in this year, and Dr. suspected I might have it. It was very scary moment waiting the result of biopsy. My friend had an operation in this year. My son's Aunt, Barbara is a survivor of Breast cancer.
During the process of making the quilt, I was thinking about my mother and my life, but I didn't cry.
Pink color and my fabrics supported me to finish.
It is a very happy looking quilt. I love the result!
I used to paint many "Blooming woman".
It was my appreciation of life as I was born a woman. We all got birth from the mother who produce milk. I'm glad I could give my milk to my son.
We need BOOBS!
I thought my blooming women could be in my quilt.
They were perfect to fit and symbols of hope on my quilt.

This quilt dedicated to my mother and people are suffering with the breast cancer.

I put all hope into my BOOBS!
God Bless us!

Thank you for the opportunity to make this quilt!
I did!!!! It made me strong. Believe in miracle!
Title of the quilt - "It's a miracle"
It will be at the Simplicity's Booth, The International Quilt Market in Houston.

If you will be at the market, please check it.

Hoodie's Collection Fabrics
  • Candy Dots
  • Spin Jam
  • Cheer Wheel
  • Precious Garden
  • Fringe daisy
  • Egg Dots
And my Jacket!- I cut it pieces.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Simplicity patterns and my Cutie Pie Group.

I was making The Quilt for The Breast Cancer Bandanna Challenge.
I'm going to post about my quilt on next blog.
I brought my quilt to Simplicity on NOV 18th at Park Ave. Mid-town in NY.

Betsy gave me this pattern. This apron is not my design, but fabrics is my cutie Pie group.
Thank you for using my fabrics!!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quilt Magazine.

Blank Quilting, Diana said,
"Don't upset. Please promise you won't upset."
"Why? What?"
"There is four pages using your fabrics on the magazine, but they didn't put your name for your fabrics."

Anyone knows how should I respond?

It is OK. I still introduce this projects on my blog.Lovely Morning - Blue
Candy Dots - Green

Candy Dots - Green was almost dropped from the Joy Basket.
I insisted, "It will sell. "

Pot Holder / Joy Basket

On American Patchwork & Quilting magazine.
Spin Jam - Yellow
Cheer Wheel - Brown
Candy Dots - Green

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hoodie's Cuties Fish 1.2.3!

JOY BASKET fabrics on Hoodie's Cutie Fish 1.2.3!
Can to see it is fun to use JOY BASKET fabrics together.
Patterns are coming soon, I'm working on them too.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Hoodie's Cuties Cat 1.2.3!

I'm working on Hoodie's Cuties sewing patterns.
It is just slow process in this point, sorry!!!
BUT..... they are coming.
Hoodie's Cuties - Three cats
Cat 1.2.3. using Joy basket fabrics. It is very enjoyable to use any fabrics from the JOY BASKET on the cat.
You can make same fabrics on front and back, you can use different fabrics on front and back.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lovely Morning on cover page.

It is very cute mitt. Don't you think so?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Veggie Patch!

New line is ON!
Eat delicious veggies from the health patch!

Coordinate fabrics with Joy basket will be on Hoodie's website soon.