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Friday, May 31, 2013

Twenty little flowers for Quilt Alliance 20th aniversary!

Me and Quilt!

Size 20 x 20
Title / Twenty little flowers
Fabrics - Styl Mod 1 and 2 by Style Par Mo (Hoodie's undercover name) 
Front 835-2,  837-2, 799-2  and Wishes 855-2 by Newcastle Studio (my work as well)
Back 837-10, 835-10, 800-2 

Flowers -  Felted yarns
Leaves - yarns.
Behind scene 
 My idea was flower silhouettes (Black) on my fabrics.
However, I wasn't "a BLACK color person" I missed colors.
So, flowers and leaves were colored. Yeah.....!!!!!!
Three dimensionally, 20 happy color flowers and beads on my black Styl Mod patterns.
Even it wasn't my plan, but I like the result of my work.
I'm still challenging with my fabrics, smile.
Always, it is meant to be!