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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Chocolate serving witch!

She was giving chocolates to kids instead of me.
I didn't need to open my door!
Thank you!

Happy Halloween and International Quilt Market in Houston!

I came back from Houston.
Let me introduce Hoodie's booth! First picture=Setting!
It was a lot of work putting it together. I pictured how it would be, all of my stuff at the show. It was pretty much the same as the picture in my head after all.

Second picture=Do I look like one of the mannequins?
I wore skirt apron (Fabrics from 50's skirt)

I introduced 6 of my patterns with vintage fabrics, Home Deco fabrics, 50's shower curtain, vintage bed cover, bed sheet, 50's barkcloth drapes and tablecloth. They were reborn as Hoodie's bags and aprons. There was my new line of postcards (Printed on Recycled Paper), greeting cards (Printed on Recycled Paper) from my "InnerWitch" line, original T-shirts (100% Organic cotton) and Hand made accessories. My booth looked like a small shop in Downtown NY.
Third picture= My favorite mannequin lady wore my accessories.
Forth picture=Bundles (I made my bags and aprons with these fabrics) All my samples and T-shirts are on their way back home and will arrive next week. I will post their pictures on my blog soon.
Fifth picture=My new line of postcards. Printed on recycled paper which has stripes texture.

I made quilts with my artwork on applique. I hope they will be my new product for you.
Sixth picture=Greeting cards from "InnerWitch" line. Eight witches lead you to "I'm proud of myself!" You can read the story in my web "InnerWitch" Greeting card".
Printed on Recycled Paper which has textures.
Seventh picture=I made a Christmas tree cards dress for my display. Isn't this cute???

I met many people. We talked and exchanged ideas. I had great time.
Thank you for coming to see my artwork.

Eighth picture=Thank you, my sweet friend Mark - an Artist (His link is in my Buddies)! All your help in my booth and these pictures.