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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fruit-A-La-Carte and basics plus laminate!

I have three basics lines for my collections.
More colors with more designs.
2011 Spring
  • Bubble Dot - 10 colorways
  • Nettie Dot - 6 colorways
  • Raindrops - 6 colorways

My favorite cake is Strawberry short cake as I mentioned twice on my brog.
Some regular readers might remember it.
Whenever I look this design, I feel like to eat a Strawberry short cake.

My Strawberry is with laminate.
Check TT's blog "Sew Timeless"
Rain cape (kid) and bibs will be available from Hoodie's Goodies in August.


Emma Thomsen said...

What lovely fabric, I hope you don't mind I have mentioned it on my Blog.

Hoodie said...

Yes! Thank you Emma.