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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Still cool! "Morning Call" group.

I call "Rooster Parade" Color/Cream
We will manufacture my skirt apron which won't be reversible.
This is test sewing.
Sale in 2010.I Call "Ring Dots" from Morning Call group. I personally like this design and fun to use with any designs. I will make more colorways of this design to go to all my groups for 2010.

I found this picture at Google Images. (This blog is open to invited readers only.)
Baby's booties March 6, 2009 The Pattern By Amy Butler.
It is too cute!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Town Art show before my Tokyo show!

Oops, again!
I forgot our Town Art Auction. It is held around the Quilt Market.
The Quilt Market was earlier than usual, so I confused the date of this auction, besides I have Tokyo show and my son's Ic Hockey Tournament.

Here is comments
of this Auction in this year by Paul who organizes this great event.
Just a note. For many of you this has been 5 years running, you have been amazing, giving your work year after year as you have! If not the children of Leonia I would not bother you, I know that this is a big request. The beneficiaries and ultimately us all win from this unique art exhibition with the free trips back to the MOMA in NYC and this year I noticed a huge truck delivering clay and supplies for the new ceramic kiln. All this never before at ACS prior to the art events, our kids are the true winners. You should all be proud of your part in this one night event. I was sort of burnt out doing it and told my wife I should cool out this go around, especially asking artist to give work again. She explained how important it was and joined in helping the past two years and inspired me to do so as well.
*ACS - Anna C. Scott Elemental School in Leonia.

Paul called and reminded me about this show is held on 22nd and 20th is last day of drop-off artwork 4 days ago.
Let see, do I have artwork?

All That Jazz

I decided this work for 2009. I usually donate a couple of artwork, but I don't have enough time to think which one is good for the show in this year.
I made these musicians for my fabric line but we won't print so far. It became half mono-tone style, but I might try they will be in colors sometime.
I'm making this artwork for a postcard and some other products on zazzle / at the Hoodie's Patch soon.

I started to donate my artwork since their first show. My son was 5th grade, last year of ACS. Besides I was a good friend with his Art teacher. So I thought I should do something to the school and her before he graduate. Click here / They were my first donation.
He is a High School student, Freshman in this year and he is taller than me.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Needleworks "The Job of Fabrics x 3" in Tokyo!

You are invited to our art show!
My Gallery Show with two my best friends in Tokyo is coming soon.
Date : November 9th - 15th.
Katsumi Takeoka from Osaka (Punch-needle Artist),
Taeko Nakano from Tokyo (Doll Artist)
Hoodie from NY (Fabric Artist)

We have known each other for 1/4 century and kept our friendship.
We create different type of art, we have different job careers, we are living different area in our different life.
We are still creating own artwork in own our way but all of us are using fabrics in our recent work.
It passed 16 years since we had the show together in Kanazawa.
We decided to get together again. It's our party time!

"Needleworks" 布の仕事x3(The job of fabrics x 3)
at Amulet Art Gallery in KandaJinbo-cho, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo.

This is the building for our show.
Second floor - Gallery
When I visited there in last summer (August) to check my space at the gallery.
They used the space for the market at the time.
There were displayed with many cute hand-made goods.
When we will have our show, we won't use this big table.
Both big side of walls will be my friends', my wall will be by the window.This wall will be mine!First Floor - Shop and Cafe
Half of their space, middle to the end at 1st floor is their regular shop.
Another half, front space is their cafe.
They sell items that are all hand-made goods by artist or antiques.
All of them were so special.I found cutting fabrics at the end of their store.
I couldn't see my fabrics at once but I found mine "Morning Call Group"
I called this design "Sweet Garden" #5292 Apple
Cotton Fabric Store "Early's Print" is selling my fabrics.
They called this design "Fruits"
Thank you! Ms. Tsuchiya.
#5292 Apple from Morning Call Group for Blank Quilting
It is sold out at Early's Print siteCafe at their 1st floor.
In this picture - My friend who is a Doll Artist/Taeko Nakano
and my son/Ice Hockey Player and Film maker for skateboarders,
High school student/Freshman
It was a very hot day, we needed to drink delicious Japanese Ice Coffee.

I couldn't be at our show 16 years ago. I moved to US already in 1993.
I won't be in Tokyo for this show either because of my son's school and sports and my work.

The challenge piece "Cuckoo Candy Plot", my cuties and aprons are going to Tokyo.
I'm going to make my second quilt for this show.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Great meeting at the Quilt Market!

I like to be at the Quilt Market because I could meet allot of people who I never expected to meet.
I love to meet my friends who I could meet at the show twice a year.
We always do nice hugs and kisses to each other.
Nice meeting all of you!

I met many new people at this market again.
I'm looking forward to keep a nice relationship with them.Sarah and me.
Sarah's booth "Fabric shop network" was across from our Blank Quilting booth.
She said, "We have a mutual friend who is Stacy!"
Stacy mentioned that her friend was going to the Market.
Sarah said, she couldn't find me at the last market, then she thought Hoodie might not exist.
We finally met and We waved to our friend Stacy in the picture.

Piece in the Hoop.
I love the name "Piece in the Hoop" when I saw the cover even though the book was not published yet.
Lorisa L. Bland came over to our booth and introduced her book.
Look at her book.
There is my Rooster Parade/Cream and my Egg Dots/Brown fabrics.
It is exciting to see my fabrics on the cover page of the book.
Not only that!
She was carrying a bag using same Rooster fabric.
Inside of the bag - Egg Dots/Tomato.

The bag was perfect size and looks practical.

Then she took an another one of her products from her bag and said "I just made it before the market."
A business card case.
It is cute, isn't it!
Her book is coming in January 2010.
To order or contact: Jamie Gehring
(800)666-0963 x11481

I can't wait to get her book.

This publisher is carrying nice books.

To learn more, visit

I met Kathy from Fat Quarter Factory, I posted her article on August 8th when I was in Japan.
It was very nice meeting her in person.
She is a very sweet person and her husband is as well.
They could come to see my "Show and Tell" at the Blank Quilting Booth.
She understood my concept of my "Besides Aprons"
She wants to challenge them and show them to her customers, just like I demonstrated .
Keep in touch Kathy!

Thank you for coming to my "Show and Tell"
to Christine from f+w media, Lisa from Quick Quilt Magazine, Kathy from Fat Quarter Factory, my Japanese customers, Mr. Nakajima, and Kinkame. Inc. and more but I don't know the names, sorry.

Thank you for your purchase of my patterns to Samantha from Australia and Sandra Welch from Hometown Crafts & Gift.

Thank you to Indygo Junction for using my fabrics in your products. They are great looking.
I should brought my camera when we visited your booth.

Thank you to Pamela from Creative Sewlutions for cheering for me when they announced my name for the challenge by Simplicity. Pamela spoke to me in Japanese! We were a good company at the market.

Thank you to Kathy Miller for inviting me to the Michael Miller's 10 year anniversary party and bringing back our friendship. It has been for two years since I left. I had many memories (more than 10 years) with her. It was great meeting all of you guys!

Many thanks to all the customers who ordered my fabrics!

Hoodie's Quilt at International Quilt Market in Houston.

I got a special prize.
It is an honorable mention for the most creative use of the machines
for "Small Wall Quilt Challenge 2009" by Simplicity.
I posted abut it on SEP 30th.
My name was announced at the market. I couldn't believe it!
One of my friend said, "It should be a treasure in your family."
I told my son to do it.
However it is going to Tokyo Gallery Show.
I'm going to make my second quilt for the coming Tokyo Show.
I got more confidence!
Thank you very much! Dear Mimi, Michele and Bridget!

Here is a beautiful Cutie Pie Quilt by Ginnie Isaacson at the Blank Quilting Booth.
She is a California Sales Rep as well.
The quilt was very cute, fun and warm feeling at our booth.
Thank you, Ginnie!

Here are two excellent quilts by Julie Popa / Sunflower Hill Designs.
We met last Spring at the Quilt market. One of our sales rep, Dolores Joshua found Julie.
I went to see her her booth. I loved her work immediately.
Then I asked her to make a quilt from my fabrics.

Are they gorgeous?
She mostly used the "Morning Call" Group.
Morning Call Group is very stable fun group and never get tired of them. We planned to hang the quilts when we got her master pieces.
We couldn't hang them but they were still attractive on the table.
I used this table as my station by my mannequins at the corner. It was a perfect station.
The garden was our theme for the show, Julie's flowers and my flowers were matching nicely.
She made a runner as well. I will show the picture next time. It seems like I forgot to take a picture of it.
Thank you, Julie! They were lovely and I love them.
She is going to make these patterns. I will let you know when they will be available.

My friend, Marinda Stewart got 1st place for "Small Wall Quilt Challenge 2009" by Simplicity.
She always made wonderful quilts using my fabrics when I worked at Michael Miller.
She is the most talented quilter I know.
I always admired her quilts with her talent.
I was honored being in the challenge with her. Congratulations, Marinda!

Hoodie's corner at The International Quilt Market in Houston.

When I arrived at the George R. Brown Convention Center 4:30 pm a day before the market.The Blank Quilting booth, the Garden was already beautifully set-up except one corner by the demonstration table.
Thank you for working the set-up booth to Mark, Diana, Kim, Sandy, Barbara and Marilyn!My two mannequins were waiting to wear my new aprons.
I brought all my animals and aprons in my big suitcase.
Can you tell how full in my suitcase?The problems were,
First - My aprons were wrinkled. So I borrowed an iron from my hotel room.
Second - The frames of birds were Styrofoam. They were destroyed when I opened my suitcase. It can't tell from pictures that is lucky part. However I can't use them for my Tokyo show anymore. This is bad part.
To the Shop owners - This frame idea is great to display fabrics at your store,
but don't carry around, especially don't put them in your suitcase!Everybody loved my Cuties (Stuffed Animals)
My cuties were so popular at the booth. I was carrying and showing my cuties, then I was explaining the combination of my fabric lines. I needed to show all my groups again to customers and they ordered many fabrics from my previous groups and new line "Cutie pie"
A Caterpillar, each body is just like big stuffed yo-yo and tie bias tapes (ribbons) between yo-yo cushions. They are like caterpillar legs.
You see combination of my fabric lines on a caterpillar.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My cuties could be your intermate friends and excellent displays in your store.

I'm bringing more stuff to the Quilt Market in Houston tomorrow.
Funky Cats, Fish, Birds and a Caterpillar as my best friends.
They won't get me nervous when I will do "Show and Tell" in front of the people.
I hope many people to come to see me and my cuties!

These stuffed animals are great for the display in the shop.
You can show the combination of fabrics line to the customers with fun.
Each cat is 8 - 10 different fabrics to use from mixture of my groups could be together in a cat.

Each fish is 7 to 8 different fabrics to use.
These birds are an another great idea of display.
The frame is covered 4 different fabrics and Bird is used 5 different fabrics.
The frame is reusable, you could change different combination of fabrics for every new projects.
I was interviewed from the "Quick Quilt" magazine's editor, Lisa during creating my cuties.
I finally finished them yesterday and took pictures of them.
These pictures are going to on the magazine. Thank you for waiting finishing my creating!
One more picture, this is my sewing room for my small projects, actually, it was painting room once. When I make a lot of projects or a big project, I go to my basement's sewing room.
I don't need to care the mess and clean every time.
I work with my computer in the other room.

Walking Quilt, Besides aprons!

My "Show and Tell" is held,
Time: 4:00 pm
Date: October 10th, Saturday
Place: Blank Quilting Booth #1912,14,16,2013,15,17
The International Quilt Market in Houston
I'm going to introduce my Besides Aprons "Fold it! Cut it! Sew it!".
These aprons will be at the Blank Quilting Booth and two mannequins will wear them.
I could call them "Walking Quilts" after I made patchworks on the base part of apron.
They became more attractive looking.
I enjoyed putting appliques on the apron.
It is getting little heavy for the apron but it is a great idea for the display at the store showing combination of fabrics.

Besides Full Apron's Fabrics from the groups of
  • Cutie Pie
  • Sparkling Paris
  • Spring Fever
Besides Half Apron's Fabrics from the groups of
  • Morning Call
  • Casting Cats
  • Medetai
  • Spring Fever
I'm ready to talk about my fun projects!
See them and you will get more ideas. Have a fun!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cutie Pie's on Reversible Skirt Apon.

Newest Fabric Group, "Cutie Pie" on my Reversible Skirt Apron.
You see big cutie pie applique's on the pocket.
I made them by Iron print on wool fabric.I love my skirt apron but making Bias Tape was a pain in the neck.
Simplicity's The Bias Tape Maker Machine helped my work easily.
They will be at The international Quilt Market with me.
These aprons will be my dress at the show.