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Sunday, May 8, 2011

All That Jazz / Monday Messenger bag!

My "All That Jazz" for Timeless Treasures is a bag already.

Poorhouse Quilt Design put "All That Jazz" Group onto her Monday Messenger Bag.
This is Kris Poor's pattern picture. These prints are looks familiar, right. She used my "Spring Fever" group for Blank Quilting (Discontinued) onto her bag two years ago.
It was introduced on Quick Quilts.
Now, it is with "Music" This is excellent for school or lessons.
You can choose many designs and colors for main fabrics from "All That Jazz"
Geo Master /Multi and Kiss me/Black will be cool for the adults/for men.

This Bag will be @ Timeless Treasures Booth in Salt Lake City May 13th to 15th.
More pictures to post for the market.

I got this picture two days ago. I haven't seen real one yet.

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