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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Enjoy things the other way around!

No longer to sell these six patterns for wholesale.
Bean Bag, Triangle Bag, Kinchaku Bag (Reversible),
Messenger Bag, Skirt Apron (Reversible), Dress Apron

For Individual Customers
Sale until the end of July at Hoodie in the box.

Triangle Bag, Messenger Bag, Kinchaku Bag (Reversible) by Hoodie's Collection
Three instructions in a package on Simplicity Catalog, now.
More detail will inform.

Skirt Apron (Reversible), Dress Apron by Hoodie's Collection
Two instructions in a package on Simplicity Catalog sometime.
More detail will inform.

Skirt Apron (Single side - finished product) is selling by Hoodie's Goodies. $38.00
Triangle bag (Finished product) will be selling by Hoodie's Goodies. $58.00

Bean Bag will re-instruct and publish in 2011.
More detail will inform.

Besides Half Apron $9.50

Besides Full Apron $9.50

Pocket Apron (Reversible) - 90% finished / A Base panel / Two Pockets / A Tie
10% - Use your leftover buttons and complete your apron or make other transformed style. Instructions are in my book that is in the package. (See the picture) + A Handle (One of transformed style - Hand Bag needs a handle) $42.00
Limited Fabrics.
One-Mile Pocket Apron (Reversible) - 90% finished / A Base Panel / A Small Panel / Two Small Pockets / A Big Pocket / Tie (4)
10% - Use your leftover buttons and complete your apron or make other transformed style. Instructions are in my book that is in the package. (See the picture)
Fabrics - Spot Dots & Hoop Dots / 5 color. $59.00

Friday, June 25, 2010

Rumba and Joy Basket

We had some opinions about this group from the customers.
This group did not have enough colorways. I agreed it.
I had other colorways, believe me.! But ... Well... It is a long story.
So now, you have more fabrics (Joy Basket) to go with this group.
Step-in-Seed <4 new colorways in the new group.
The group name is "Natureland", September release.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cuti Pie and Joy Basket!

More fabrics in Joy Basket go with Cutie Pie.
Blank Quilting discontinued
#5705 Pink (I called Fringe Daisy).

My fabrics didn't have names yet at the time, but they have names.
  • #5702 Cutie Pie - Tan, Gray
  • #5703 Flatter Paisley - Aqua, Pink
  • #5704 Precious Garden - Green, Pink
  • #5705 Fringe Daisy - Orange
  • #5705 Little Flower- Black, Cream, Multi

Monday, June 21, 2010

New sets with Joy Basket!

Hoodie's Collection "Fabric Door-Page 3"My designs have names. It was confusing to search fabrics without name.
So I'm excited all my designs have their own names.
My previous groups designs got their identity now.

From left to right. Top to bottom
First Group
  • Egg Dots - Aqua, Tomato, Black (Joy Basket)
  • Morning Call - Red,
  • Spoon and Fork - Powder. Tomato, Black, Aqua
  • Play-Loop Dots - Apple, Brown, Red, Mid-night (Joy Basket)
Second Group
  • Egg Dots - Green, Eggplant, Red, Brown (Joy Basket)
  • Kettle Rattle - Aqua
  • Candy Dots - Green (Joy Basket)
  • Kettle Rattle - Egg
  • Candy Dots - Brown (Joy Basket)
  • Candy Dots - Ivory (Joy Basket)
  • Kettle Rattle - Powder
  • Candy Dots - Purple (Joy Basket)
Third Group
  • Diamond Check - Aqua, Brown (Joy Basket)
  • Dancing Butterfly - Multi
  • Spin Jam - Yellow, Aqua (Joy Basket)
  • Sparkling Paris - Aqua
  • Sassy Poodle - Ivory
  • Candy Dots - Green, Brown (Joy Basket)
Forth Group
  • Diamond Check - Pink, Brown (Joy Basket)
  • Cheer Wheel - Brown (Joy Basket)
  • Spin Jam - Ivory ( Joy Basket)
  • Sparkling Paris - Mauve
  • Sassy Poodle - Brown
  • Candy Dots - Ivory ( Joy Basket)
  • Spin Jam - Red (Joy Basket)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Joy Basket / Lovely Morning and Dottie Mushroom

Joy Basket - It is "Your Joy" to use Hoodie's Collection Fabrics.
My concept is "Don't waste your Hoodie's fabrics!"
You can enjoy to use my fabrics with any my collections.Now, each design has a name!
Four designs from my first collection "Morning Call" for Blank Quilting.
  • Egg Dots - 10 colorways
  • Hoop Dots - 10 colorways
  • Play-Loop Dots - 4 colorways
  • Spot Dots - 5 colorways
Two designs from "Sparkling Paris"
  • Diamond Check - 3 colorways
  • Cheer Wheel - 3 colorways
  • Spin Jam - 5 colorways
Spin Jam is new. It supposed to be with Sparkling Paris group. Spin Jam design is on Eiffel Tower.

One design from "Cutie Pie"
  • Candy Dots - 5 colorways
These two designs are released same issue with "Joy Basket"
Fun to use "Joy Basket" with these two designs!
Please go back to my previous post "Hoodie's at the Quilt Market in Minneapolis!"
You see the combination of them.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Pre-Sale Hoodie's Goodies / Skirt Apron and Open mouth mitt.

We love Apron!
Rooster Parade, one of my favorite design from Morning Call group on my cute Skirt Apron.
This name had never been on the selvage.
It is a single side Apron. Ties are double side and stitched both edges.
Fit all sizes.
This apron has long ties. You can tie in front.
It is comfortable and stylish!

Beautifully covered by 5/8" Bias tapes around apron and pockets by hand.
Well sewing keeps the shape of the apron after wash.
Fabrics are soft and rich, high quality, 100% cotton.
You will notice differences from others once you get it.

Oven mitt named Open Mouth Mitt!
It goes with the apron. It is soft and fit well for woman's hand.
Your mom or wife Opens her Mouth during her cooking.

Rooster Parade is Pre-Sale Goodies. Enjoy!
2011 - name had changed to Circular Apron!