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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Live City by Hoodie Crescent for Stof Fabrics was released on August

I’m living with my love, Chowder in Brooklyn. He wasn’t a city boy, but he is, now. We walk 3 to 4 times in a day. Longest walking is late afternoon to go to the big park. We walk at least ten blocks every day. The Image of "Door to Door” is our view of the street. Here is a Bicycle town. Bicycles are everywhere! The image of “ Bicycle" The latest walk is just before our bedtime. We walk toward to East River. I see the view of lights on NYC. The image of "NY night”. We watch bridges lights and Empire State Building, Chrysler building every night. I can see the freedom tower from our roof top. 
Mosaic - the Image of the road and walls. Come to Brooklyn where I live, then find out the meaning of "Live City.”
Full version of Live City
Fat Quarters is available @ fab-a-la-carte
Black Combo of Live City. The night views of my neighbourhood.
Blue Combo of Live City. The afternoon views of my neighbourhood.
Beige Combo of Live City. The morning views of my neighbourhood.
Mosaic Combo. Great set for any combinations of patchworks!

Our fab-a-la-carte is under the construction, hope to see you soon!!!!!