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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween 2008!

Free your spirit and let it go!Once upon a time...
There was an unhappy Lady.
She was tired of repeating her miserable life.
Hard work, isn’t it?
Lady had a cat friend named Tookie.
She asked him, “How can I be free?”
Fly into the air!
It sounds easy
although it wasn’t easy for Lady.
Scared? Maybe not!
Lady opened the door to get some fresh night air.
The lights from the room cast Lady and Tookie’s Shadow
onto the front yard of her house.
Both Shadows saw a shooting star in the dark blue sky.
See, I found it!
Shadows wished to be free
and separated from Lady and Tookie.
Lady closed the door but Shadows stayed outside.
Lead me to my sweet home!
Lady’s Shadow sat and wondered
how to move herself.
I’ve got an idea!
I might fly into the air just like Tookie told Lady.
Tookie’s Shadow encouraged her.
Feels good to be free!
Lady’s Shadow found her way out.
I’m an InnerWitch.
I’m proud of myself!

Story and illustration by Hoodie © by Hoodie's Collection.

* Red words are the titles of each witch card. Top left to right, then Bottom left to right.

This is my innerWitch story Greeting cards.
This story is on the back side of the Greeting card.
Set of 8 with Brown paper envelopes $24.00 or Single $3.00 with Brown paper envelope For sale!
innerWitch brand T-shirts $25.00 Hoodie $34.00 and eco bags Shoulder bag $12.00 Pouch $8.00 Limited Quantity.

I also have Greeting cards - Serving Witch, Helper Cat, Cat eat fish
Set of 4 with Brown envelopes $ 12.00 & Single with Brown envelope $3.00

I've got an idea about 25 years ago.
I drew the illustrations for the story in my room and went to our kitchen where my mother stayed most of her time. "Mom, this is an excellent story! Isn't she cute?"
My mother was my audience for my poems and artwork at the time.
She commented sometimes, "You are so complicated!"

I get depressed easily and it causes my negative attitude.
I realized "I'm creating a bad mood myself. "
However. it is not easy to bring me up to positive thinking when I'm in a down mood.
Negative energy turns to be Positive energy. That is my innerWitch story and the concept of my life.
P.S. This story and witches on my card are a re-created version from my original.

More about the background of my witches.
I grew up with American TV shows; "Bewitched", "I Dream of Jeannie" and "The Munsters"
I loved these three shows. I still love them.
They spoke in Japanese at the time. (I don't like to watch American shows in Japanese anymore.)
I had no choice to listen to Americans that were speaking in Japanese on our TV.
"Bewitched" & "I Dream of Jeannie" --- "How great if I can use magics like them", I thought!
"The Munsters" --- I loved all of the Munsters and episodes. Especially Herman was so innocent and cute.

We don't have Halloween in Japan. I guess we don't have Witch stories either.
I created the images of my witch when I was little, through watching these TV shows.
I loved their way of mischief thinking and I do mischief behave as well.

I was invited to my friend's Halloween party in their gorgeous Apartment, Upper West side in NY. They have their Halloween party on the closest Saturday night every year. Since I go to Quilt Market in Houston, many years I have missed their Halloween party. I guess, I'm not invited anymore.

October, sometime Saturday before Halloween 2000.
I took my son to our friend's house and I dressed and put make-up on .
I didn't want to scare my son as he was still 5 year old.
Then I took the pictures myself. (Picture below)
Then I drove to NY.
I stopped at the George Washington Bridge Toll Gate.
A person who took my toll fee said,
"Honey, you are so beautiful!"

I was truly beautiful that night!

What am I gonna be today, of course, my innerWitch in a positive mood!
Oops, I have to bring my witch out and candies before school will end.

P.S. It is a beautiful day, mid 60˚F. Kids can show their costumes without their Jackets.
My son is still out with his friends. (8:15 pm) Chowder and I did trick or treat. He was Dracula.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More about Quilt Market/Houston

I received more pictures of the Blank Quilting Booth from Mark who went back home last night.

Diana (Creative Director) commented!

It was such a thrill to win the prize for “Best merchandised booth” at Quilt Market this year. This is the first time Blank Quilting has ever won such an award! We were all elated and smiling ear to ear, needless to say. Thanks to Mark’s ideas and vision, we were able to come up with an original booth display that showed our fabrics and was inviting to our customers. All the leaves on the trees were representative of all of our new fabric collections. This was our “Tree of Inspiration”. It exhibited all the different styles and colors of our designers coming together in one place creating a beautiful tree.
We certainly received a great deal of attention! It was really wonderful.

I had interviewed Mark Hordyszynski in this morning.
About Display
When Hoodie and Diana asked me to work on the design for the booth for Quilt Market - I thought I have so much to do, I cannot commit. But I found it was very fun and exciting to do this... so I did. As always, I let my creativity flow freely, and I wanted something that would be very impressive, functional, and not KILL us to put together. I knew this was achieved when we set out for market because I felt very confident. It wasn't until the second day of set up that people started saying it was SO good we might have a chance at an award. I NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT THAT!! But after they said that, I knew it was true! And the rest is now history.
About Rock Candy
When I designed Rock Candy I tried to accomplish two very important things.
The first is provide an innovative basic, with unique colors that would really bring a quilt or any project to life.
The second, now that we embellish practically everything – it is a fabric that already has a wonderful shiny metallic or colored pearl highlight, which can be accented even more with novelty or metallic threads.
See how all the beautiful colors work together, and just look at how the fabric just comes alive with luster and shine!
About my Books
My first novel SHAG is an idea I had for a log time. I thought I would write a children’s book but when I sat down to write, it came out as an adult novel.

SHAG is a story of the magic of a baby mammoth returning to life after being frozen in a block of ice for thousands of years, and how this wonderful creature changes the lives of the people who come in contact with him.

STRIP & KNIT WITH STYLE, my first how-to book published by C&T, is the exploration of a product I developed for my booth at International Quilt Market in 2005. The concept of stripping fabric—cotton, wool, rayon, nylon, and more—and then knitting with it became a very liberating experience because if handled correctly, almost any fabric can be knit.

I am very proud of both publications and have enjoyed the experience so much I plan on writing more books in the future.

Finally, my turn!
When I arrived at the Blank Quilting Booth, Sam told me that Michele came over the booth and was asking for me.
We walked to her booth,
EZ Quilting/Simplicity Creat
ive Group.
No one was there at the time but this mannequin was waiting for me.
How cute!! I love all the appliques that are on it.
What a great idea!
I have exactly the same mannequin in my basement!
This combination of fabrics for this apron is "Morning Call" #5290 Black and "Medetai"#5428 Black.
All of the people working at their booth wore a combination of my black and white, red and white fabrics. Thank you, Michele!
Quilt Designer, Jean Ann Wright.
She bought two cute aprons with my "Morning Call" Fabrics during the first day of Quilt Market at our booth.
I love she used #5290 (I call it Serving Set) Col/Aqua and #5291 (I call it Spot Dots) Col/Carrot for her half apron.
This color combination was my original idea when we decided colorways from our color pile. #5286 (I call it Rooster Parade) Col/Vintage Roosters are lined up at the bottom. It is a great match!
Reversible full apron = #5292 Col/Red, Pocket #5290 Col/Black.
Other side #5289 Col/Apple (I call it Fun Dots), Pocket #5290 Black
and trim #5287 Col/Black. Thank you, Jean!
#5292 (I call it Sweet Garden) Col/Red, it seems this is a great design and color for aprons.
I found another apron when I was going to meet my friend by her booth.
Threaded Pear Studio She has blog:
Gina had so many cute things in her booth. I was pleased my fabrics were there as well.
#5292 Col/Red and #5290 Col/Black. Thank you, Gina!
My friend, June Colburn (June Colburn designs 11) made this quilt with my "Morning Call" and "Medetai" fabrics.
She used her sewing pattern "RIBBON BOUQUET"
She put a coffee cup (From my fabric) in the middle of her design,
"The aroma of coffee"
Thank you for making this cute quilt during your busy schedule.

Please forgive that these five pictures were not good quality.
We took pictures using Mark's phone camera, unfortunately we think his lens was dirty and they came out blurred.
I hope I can get better pictures someday!
Lazy Girl Designs Joan Hawley made a nice bag with "Medetai" group.
#5467 Gold – Lining fabric
#5466 Gold – Main cover fabric
#5465 – Bottom cover fabric
#5429 Black – Inside pocket fabric
We showed your sample bag to customers. All of them loved it.
Thank you, Joan!

I couldn't walk through all of Market. My trip was shorter than I thought.
I hope to see you at Spring Market!
Houston was 70˚F. When I was back to NJ, it was 56˚F and I was lucky not to be wearing a coat when I arrived.
Today in NJ it was rain and cold 37˚F. My son checked ""- there will be a snow shower tonight. He is happy to be thinking of snowboarding or that his school will be closed.
I love snow very much but I think it is a little too early to be in winter.
Many leaves were falling and it is wet tonight.
Colors are beautiful. I want to enjoy fall season longer.
I made this design 2006 Fall. It was a dropped design but I still like it. It is funny, this concept was matching our winning booth!

My new looking Triangle bag, Messenger bag, Dress Apron with "Morning Call" fabrics and new two aprons will posted soon!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Congratulations! Blank Quilting won Best Booth at International Quilt Market/Houston.

I left George R. Brown Convention Center at 12:30 pm. Our Airplane took off at 2:30 pm. It landed at Newark at 7:08 pm.
My phone made a sound, "You've got mail." I was still in the airplane.
It was from my friend Sam, Mark Hordyszynski's partner.
"Hoodie, we got first place!"
I smiled!--I couldn't jump because I still was wearing the seat belt.
Thank you Karen for your post. (Karen Combs - Licensee Artist for Blank Quilting. She and her son Josh helped sales at Blank Quilting booth during The Quilt Market) I could see the celebrations atmosphere from your pictures.
I borrowed your pictures - I hope you don't mind.
Left picture: (Names are showing from left to right)
Jeremy Jeffries(Vice President Of Sales)
Diana Mancini (Art Director)
Mitchell Blank(President)

During the summer, Mark, Diana and I were talking about our booth display in Houston. Mark has great ideas and I love them always.
I arrived at George R. Brown Convention Center on the 24th (Setup day), 4:00pm.
I found Sam and Mark easily.
"Hi, honey!" we kissed, then I said "I have to go to Blank's booth."
"Hoodie, where do you think you are? You are at Blank's booth!"
It was beautifully done already. I thought I would be helping with the display when I got there.
Well done! Mark!
Mark Hordyszynski (Right below picture), he is my best friend for many years. I believe, at least 12 years?
We stayed at the same hotel (Last year as well) but we arrived on a different day. Our rooms were next each other although I'm sure the hotel people didn't know we are friends.
Mark Hordyszynski, he is a designer, Rock Candy, Wonderland, In the doghouse, Circus Critters for Blank Quilting.
He designed "Fairy Frost" "Disco Dots" and many of his styles of novelty designs for Michael Miller Fabrics. Our designs were always next to each other in the market for many years and still are.
We displayed many quilts. These were hanging in the gates. This Quilt is using "Medetai"group and Mark's "Rock Candy" M4875.
What a beautiful combination and great quilt design.
(Quilt design by Heidi Pridemore)

Mark published two books recently.
>Shag - His first novel is selling at Barnes and Novel iUniverse
>Strip & Knit with STYLE (C&T PUBLISHING) is selling both books.
I will interview him tomorrow!

I will post more about the show and my stuff at the show tomorrow as well.

It was great meeting with the people that work for Blank Quilting, many of my friends (we meet twice a year at the show) and many customers.
Thank you for all your support!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

6:00 am!

4:55 am, my alarm woke me up.
Why do I have to wake?
Oh, Ice hockey game at 6:00 am! I woke my son up and when we got to the ice rink it was 5:30 am.
Parking lot was full. What are these people doing?
A bunch of parents were there and holding a cup of coffee.
Crazy, Ice hockey world is crazy.
We have been in this cloud for 8 years already!

I was a basketball player for 10 years when I was at school. Since my son plays ice hockey, basketball games are a little boring. They are not fast enough.
I became a hockey Mom among Americans.
Here is my illustration for his 9 year old birthday.

I have many memories of skating with my father. I learned how to skate and ski from my father and a cousin in our countryside (NAGANO 1998 Winter Olympics) where we were born.

After we moved to the city, my father missed all the sports he grew up with.
He took me to the skate rink and mountains for his pleasure. We also went fishing.
My father's sports became my sports and I handed them to my son. My son was the buddy I needed to share my pleasure.

My son had no choice and I taught him to skate and ski when he was 4 years old. My son and I never took lessons when we were starting!
These became his major sports and his skills are completely beyond me now. He has also been snowboarding since he was 5. I started to learn snowboarding a couple of years ago. I am getting better at it and slowly improving my skill. Well, it is not easy though! Falling and falling.

I worked (I was sewing in the basement) until 6:00 am two nights ago because I wanted to see the results of my new ideas, besides I was too excited, making new projects.
I'm going to Quilt market. I don't have much time anymore.
I won't put my own booth in this year.
I can't travel for 5 days because no one can be with my son this long. It will be a short trip, I will be back on Sunday evening to prepare for his school day.

I will be at the market 25th all day and 26th morning with my new projects at the Blank Quilting Booth. #1200,02,04,06,1301,03,05,07

I hope I will see you there!
Here is my Morning Call and Medetai handout postcard!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

How many people cook everyday?

I don't cook everyday!
Every year I'm getting worse and worse with this.
I work at home. I eat morning and lunch by myself.
My dirty dishes are in my kitchen.
Who is going to clean them?
I know it won't be my son, not my dog. Who else will do it?

When I get into my work, I even forget to sleep... Of course, I forget to cook as well!
"Mom, I'm hungry. I don't want to go out." my son says,
My dog? He might say..."Mom, I'm hungry too!"

My son said, "Let's go to the Ramen noodle place!"
OK! Thank God. I don't need to cook!.
I started to drive and began thinking... We ate there last week. I still remember the taste.
I said to him, "Why don't we go to the Japanese supermarket to eat?"
He wasn't happy but we had already passed the Ramen noodle place.

So we went to the Japanese supermarket food court!
Once he ate his favorite, he was happy and asked me to buy a snack!
Yes, I did!
We bought two of them. It is called Tai-yaki
My son kept asking me, " You will eat yours or not?"
"I need to take a picture."

Here you are!
I took a picture with my Medetai!
It is shape like "Tai"
Outside is made like a pancake, sweet red beans paste are inside.
Yaki means grilled.

Japanese always ask,

"Will you eat the head or tail first?"

My son said, "I eat from tail, don't criticize me!"

How about you?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Morning Call" on Fat Quarter Shop

Fat Quarter shop has just introduced my "Morning Call" fabric group today.
Jocelyn, the marketing person for Fat Quarter Shop asked me a couple of questions.
You can read them in their Blog The Jolly Jabber.
Thanks, Jocelyn. Looking Great!

I wrote more about myself for their blog than on mine. Is this funny?

Here is their list of Morning Call.
Morning Call Apron, Fat Quarter Bundle and fabrics
I like the layout of fabrics on their site. It is very attractive.
Kimberly, Thank you for having me!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"Medetai" Collection

Second fabric group are released in October.
Using my Japanese heritage, I was inspired to design the "Medetai" Collection.

The translation of “Medetai” in the Japanese-English dictionary is
“Good news, Happy”.
This word is used for a celebration.

In Japan, the color for celebration is red.
The fish called “Tai” which is the Red Snapper has red skin.
“Tai” is in the word “Mede-Tai”. Therefore, “Tai” is the special fish used
for celebrations such as the New Year and weddings.

Fish has been a very important main dish for the Japanese throughout history.
When the commercial fishing boats brought a big catch of fish to the market
it was good luck for everyone. Tai was also a symbol of luck and success.


The translation of “Uchiwa” in the Japanese-English dictionary is “A round fan”
We use the Uchiwa mainly in the summer because it makes a cool wind.
It is very important to carry an Uchiwa at the summer festival.
Many free Uchiwa are available in the summer time because businesses put
their ads on them.

Uchiwa’s are also used to get rid of evil spirits, illness or harmful insects.
Uchiwa is another popular lucky item.

The translation of “Manekineko” in the Japanese-English dictionary is “the
beckoning figure of a cat displayed in shops to bring in customers”.
Maneki (Maneku) means invitations. Neko is cat.
Most of the Manekineko hold a huge coin of large value. Our cat is not holding
a coin although the background motif is from an old Japanese lucky coin.

Our Manekineko is inviting good luck for everyone.
These are three lucky wishes, Let’s get Good Luck!

I didn't put this fabrics group on my website yet.
Please refer to: Blank Quilting site. Download free pattern. Make a quilt with "Medetai" Collection.

Monday, October 6, 2008

I've got an email!

Here is the "Messenger Bag" by Darlene.

I got email from Darlene . (below)

Hi. I have the Messenger Bag Pattern #HCPT004MB. I like to understand a pattern before I start sewing. I'm having a hard time with the "zipper lips = piping effect" part. Could you possibly clarify this part for me?

Also, I'm thinking of quilting fabric & using it to making the bag. Have you seen this done with this pattern? Do you think it will work? I'd appreciate your input.


Hi Darlene,
I'm attaching pictures of "zipper lips"
I hope these pictures will help making "zipper lips"Quilting fabric - I'd never tried to use quilting fabric with my messenger bag yet.
I'm sure it will works. However you should use one side is normal fabric and one side is quilting fabric.
Two side for quilting fabrics won't be easy to sew together. I guess.

Please email me whenever you will get difficulty sewing from my instructions.
I will try my best!

Please send me a picture of your bag when it will be done! I want to introduce yours on my blog.

Then 8 days later,
I got an email.

Hi! I finished it!!! I wanted to use the fabric I quilted, so I had to make some changes. There is no lining because I wanted both sides of the quilted fabric to show, so I had to bind the seams & top & pockets. Anyway, I think it turned out pretty darn cute. Thanks for trying to help me & for making such a cute pattern. I must say that it sure would have been easier to not use quilted fabric, but I rarely do things the easy way. I will make the bag again without the quilted fabric because I really like the style. Feel free to post any pics you like on your blog.
Take care.Thank you, Darlene!
I love it!