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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Apple and Pear / On Tour Bag!

I love this Apple bag. ( I love the Onion too. Do you remember?)
Inside fabric is purple Nettie dot. Beautiful color.

I love this apple and pear design. My apple that image come from my childhood's memories of an apple box.
I was born in NAGANO where is famous for Apples (Shinsyu apple). Since my father had transferred his job in the city of Osaka, our relatives sent us a box (maybe Boxes) of apple every winter. There was an apple and name on the side of the box. The box was strong, so we used it for storing box. When I was at the school. I guess, it was a middle school.
We had an art project which was painting on a dish. I drew of cutting apple in half.

We don't have the woman's body shape of pear in Japan. I love that shape because I couldn't get it.
We call the woman's body shape of pear - Western pear, so I used the Western pear for one of my illustration for AD. In
I hope I still have that illustration work. I believe I gave original work to my first American stylist who helped me to be in US.
So behind a scene of my artwork....... Mixture of Eastern and Western, again.

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