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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My first quilt is called Cuckoo Candy Plot!

I do design fabrics for quilting at least, for 15 years.
However I've never learned how to make a quilt.
I was invited "Small Wall Quilt Challenge 2009" by Simplicity.

Wow, I was so excited to be in this challenge.
Oops, I never ever made the quilt.

My first quilt, Cuckoo Candy Plot!
Using my newest original fabric group Cutie Pie's flower designs.
I combined two colorways in one quilt. Size 22"x22"
It was an another challenge using 5 designs for two colorways each.
It was required using their new machines,
the Rotary Cutting Machine
and or the Bias Tape Maker machine.

I love, love their Bias Tape Maker machine!
Short statement of vision:
The description of Cuckoo Candy Plot is that it is just like
candies in a Candy Box or flowers in a flowerpot. The mixture of many different
flavors of candies is like the fertile soil for blooming flowers.
It comes through your cheerful dreams in sweet taste.

Material and tools used:

Cotton Fabrics / Denim / Wool Fabrics / Appliques / Buttons / Batting/
Bamboo sticks for the frame
Rotary Cutting Machine / Bias Tape Maker Machine / Sewing Machine

I believe this quilt will be at Simplicity's booth #2128, 30, 32, 2229, 31, 33 at the international Quil Market in Houston. October 10 - 12.