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Friday, February 27, 2015

STOFF IDEEN - Latest issue is Stof Fabrics craft magazine!!!

 Stof Fabrics was working the issue of magazine 
with the publisher "STOFF IDEEN" last year.
Finally it was released.
Finally, I was received it!
The picture - Part of Stof Fabrics Advertising (Back of the cover page)
Stof A/S became Stof Fabrics" - New LOGO
They have been selling their original fabrics for 10 years.
10 years anniversary! 
Let introduce Stof's fabulous fabrics Collections!

 Monika Sassenberg's message in German was on the first page!
I can't read!
See the design, the picture was the quilt that made by Stof original selvedges.
I just finished my new collection's selvedge designs.
It was back cover page.
Stof has volume of excellent basic collections.
New collections are thoughtfully coordinating with their basic collections.
You never waste any our fabrics with any collections.

Tic Tac Toe (by Hoodie) with Quilters Basic Perfect and Quilters Shadow.
Excellent instructions.
I can follow the instructions with graphics (Illustrations)
Even I can't read German.

 Geo Coaster (by Hoodie) with Quilters Shadow and Sevilla Stof-Shots.

Brlissima  (Geo Coaster and Sevilla Stof-Shots)
Size of quilt is ca. 87 x 172 cm.  Pillows are 60 x 35 cm.
Fabrics:                                                                                   Consumption:
4503-104 grey Dots + Diamonds/Geo Coaster                         100 cm
4503-109 grey Geo Dots/Geo Coaster                                        50 cm
4503-114 grey Mod Mum/Geo Coaster                                    100 cm
2758-001 light blue Sevilla Stof-Shots                                        30 cm
2758-002 rose Sevilla Stof-Shots                                                 50 cm
2758-005 light purple Sevilla Stof-Shots                                    10 cm
2758-015 purple Sevilla Stof-Shots                                             10 cm
2758-017 light petrol Sevilla Stof-Shots                                      20 cm
2758-022 beige Sevilla Stof-Shots                                               30 cm
2758-034 dusty rose Sevilla Stof-Shots                                       30 cm

2758-019 light grey Sevilla Stof-Shots                                          190 cm

Over 20 projects, Quilts, Pillows, Bags, Apron, Dolls, more...

Absolutely, Thumb up! 

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