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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rome wasn't built in a day!

"I'm in the learning process of the digital world!"

I designed and created my own website using Photoshop.
Then a professional web designer transferred my artwork on the cords and maintained my website for four years.
technical improving on my website were getting more work than our payment arrangement according to my previous web designer in fall last year .
  • The monthly charge will be increased double.
  • There is no monthly charge. It will be an hourly charge for each project.
  • Finding new person who can offer a better price than him.
  • I'm going to taking care of my website myself.
Time has come!
I was going to spend my money and time for my education.
So I'm taking Web design classes since the Chinese New Year began.

I started a new life again.
It is nice to be a student.

I'm taking Dreamweaver classes every Wednesday and two HTML weekend classes in this springs semester.

So far, my HTML weekend classes were done by last weekend.
At least I'm understanding these new language in my site.
Just like when I started understanding the conversations in English many years ago.
My Dreamweaver
classes are still going until April.
According to my
Dreamweaver teacher,
"You have to remake your site!!"
and I want to do that, so here I am!

Learning process is not easy but it is great challenge for next step in my life.
My life had changed in many ways in the past couple of years.

I'm learning, learning and learning.
I'm still in the learning process in my life.
... I'm overwhelmed
truly in this moment.

I haven't changed my home page on my website yet.
There is New Year's image still.


--- I just need a time more than one day!---

When you go to my website, my home page or other pages will be updated.
Please, congratulate me.
I could clear my first step in my digital world.

Apologies : My two new patterns are delay than I announced last year.
We are still in the process of test sewing and fixing instructions.
They are coming with the new Spring breeze!

News : I published new cute products on "Hoodie's Patch"

Hana Kats Mug mug

Cards, Postage, Shoes, Apron and Magnet in "Hana Kats" group
on my Patch.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Chowder's Birthday

Our dog, Chowder became 4 years old on FEB 4th.

When we decided to have one more member in our family, I started to research about dogs.
hat kind of dog are good for us...? What is their nature? Where should we get a puppy...? etc...
My son was 9 years old at the time. One more member added to the family was his 10 year old birthday present, up coming in April.

When I was 10, I brought a puppy home from my friend's.
My mother said "No! I'm afraid of touching animals."
I returned the puppy the next day. I still remember that day and how much I wanted to keep him.

I was going to get a DOG this time for sure.
My choice was a Wire Fox Terrier.
I found my dog on Internet. The Puppies were going to be born around FEB.
Perfect! so we could get our puppy around my son's birthday time. The breeder was in Norton, MA. The driving distance from
our place was about 4 hours.

We had pictures of the puppies when they were born. They had puppies from two couples.
One group were born on JAN 28th, the other group was born on FEB 4th.
We chose a puppy from the JAN 28th group in their pictures but he was taken already.
We were not sure if we would like our second choice of puppy.
So we decided to go to the breeder
and see all other puppies.

At the breeder, our second choice puppy from JAN 28th group was very quiet and didn't move much.
However the other puppy from the FEB 4th group had mischievous behavior on my shoulder.
We saw both mothers. The mischievous puppy's mother was jumping and jumping very high.
The other mother was very quiet and slow, just like her son.

The lady said "She is a Couch Potato and lazy."

It was very hard to decide which puppy should be in our family there because they had completely different personalties.
We decided to go to our lunch before we got cranky!

We went to a diner by the breeder and ate Clam Chowder which is our favorite food besides we were in New England.

I was thinking about the
mischievous puppy...
My father's birthday was FEB 5th. Maybe the mischievous one was born FEB 5th in Japan time. (14 hours ahead)
I used to celebrate my family member's birthday every month.
JAN for me, FEB for
my Dad, March for my Mom and APR for my son.
So I
needed someone was born FEB covering my Dad's Birthday celebration.

My son was thinking the name of our puppy...
He said

I decided our puppy's name."Chowder" The mischievous puppy became our family and he was named "Chowder" since then.
He is my son's brother and my second son.

He became just like his mother now. (This picture - Chowder's Mom and him.)
He has skin problems all the time since he became 6 months old. I spent a lot of money for him since then, but nobody ever found the reason for these problems.
Otherwise, he is pretty much a healthy and good dog.
He is always jumping like his mother. He has still mischievous behavior. It is too much sometimes.
We love our Chowder very much

I bought him a
new bowl for his birthday in NY city before visiting one of Blank Quilting's customer (Store).
I put his dinner in his new bowl with 4 candles.
He was scared of candles. Of course.
My son filmed it. It was funny. I believe when I got him, my time was held back when I was 10 years old.
Chowder is a my son and my 10 year old birthday present.

Happy Birthday to you! Chowder!

We love you!