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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween 2008!

Free your spirit and let it go!Once upon a time...
There was an unhappy Lady.
She was tired of repeating her miserable life.
Hard work, isn’t it?
Lady had a cat friend named Tookie.
She asked him, “How can I be free?”
Fly into the air!
It sounds easy
although it wasn’t easy for Lady.
Scared? Maybe not!
Lady opened the door to get some fresh night air.
The lights from the room cast Lady and Tookie’s Shadow
onto the front yard of her house.
Both Shadows saw a shooting star in the dark blue sky.
See, I found it!
Shadows wished to be free
and separated from Lady and Tookie.
Lady closed the door but Shadows stayed outside.
Lead me to my sweet home!
Lady’s Shadow sat and wondered
how to move herself.
I’ve got an idea!
I might fly into the air just like Tookie told Lady.
Tookie’s Shadow encouraged her.
Feels good to be free!
Lady’s Shadow found her way out.
I’m an InnerWitch.
I’m proud of myself!

Story and illustration by Hoodie © by Hoodie's Collection.

* Red words are the titles of each witch card. Top left to right, then Bottom left to right.

This is my innerWitch story Greeting cards.
This story is on the back side of the Greeting card.
Set of 8 with Brown paper envelopes $24.00 or Single $3.00 with Brown paper envelope For sale!
innerWitch brand T-shirts $25.00 Hoodie $34.00 and eco bags Shoulder bag $12.00 Pouch $8.00 Limited Quantity.

I also have Greeting cards - Serving Witch, Helper Cat, Cat eat fish
Set of 4 with Brown envelopes $ 12.00 & Single with Brown envelope $3.00

I've got an idea about 25 years ago.
I drew the illustrations for the story in my room and went to our kitchen where my mother stayed most of her time. "Mom, this is an excellent story! Isn't she cute?"
My mother was my audience for my poems and artwork at the time.
She commented sometimes, "You are so complicated!"

I get depressed easily and it causes my negative attitude.
I realized "I'm creating a bad mood myself. "
However. it is not easy to bring me up to positive thinking when I'm in a down mood.
Negative energy turns to be Positive energy. That is my innerWitch story and the concept of my life.
P.S. This story and witches on my card are a re-created version from my original.

More about the background of my witches.
I grew up with American TV shows; "Bewitched", "I Dream of Jeannie" and "The Munsters"
I loved these three shows. I still love them.
They spoke in Japanese at the time. (I don't like to watch American shows in Japanese anymore.)
I had no choice to listen to Americans that were speaking in Japanese on our TV.
"Bewitched" & "I Dream of Jeannie" --- "How great if I can use magics like them", I thought!
"The Munsters" --- I loved all of the Munsters and episodes. Especially Herman was so innocent and cute.

We don't have Halloween in Japan. I guess we don't have Witch stories either.
I created the images of my witch when I was little, through watching these TV shows.
I loved their way of mischief thinking and I do mischief behave as well.

I was invited to my friend's Halloween party in their gorgeous Apartment, Upper West side in NY. They have their Halloween party on the closest Saturday night every year. Since I go to Quilt Market in Houston, many years I have missed their Halloween party. I guess, I'm not invited anymore.

October, sometime Saturday before Halloween 2000.
I took my son to our friend's house and I dressed and put make-up on .
I didn't want to scare my son as he was still 5 year old.
Then I took the pictures myself. (Picture below)
Then I drove to NY.
I stopped at the George Washington Bridge Toll Gate.
A person who took my toll fee said,
"Honey, you are so beautiful!"

I was truly beautiful that night!

What am I gonna be today, of course, my innerWitch in a positive mood!
Oops, I have to bring my witch out and candies before school will end.

P.S. It is a beautiful day, mid 60˚F. Kids can show their costumes without their Jackets.
My son is still out with his friends. (8:15 pm) Chowder and I did trick or treat. He was Dracula.

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