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Monday, October 6, 2008

I've got an email!

Here is the "Messenger Bag" by Darlene.

I got email from Darlene . (below)

Hi. I have the Messenger Bag Pattern #HCPT004MB. I like to understand a pattern before I start sewing. I'm having a hard time with the "zipper lips = piping effect" part. Could you possibly clarify this part for me?

Also, I'm thinking of quilting fabric & using it to making the bag. Have you seen this done with this pattern? Do you think it will work? I'd appreciate your input.


Hi Darlene,
I'm attaching pictures of "zipper lips"
I hope these pictures will help making "zipper lips"Quilting fabric - I'd never tried to use quilting fabric with my messenger bag yet.
I'm sure it will works. However you should use one side is normal fabric and one side is quilting fabric.
Two side for quilting fabrics won't be easy to sew together. I guess.

Please email me whenever you will get difficulty sewing from my instructions.
I will try my best!

Please send me a picture of your bag when it will be done! I want to introduce yours on my blog.

Then 8 days later,
I got an email.

Hi! I finished it!!! I wanted to use the fabric I quilted, so I had to make some changes. There is no lining because I wanted both sides of the quilted fabric to show, so I had to bind the seams & top & pockets. Anyway, I think it turned out pretty darn cute. Thanks for trying to help me & for making such a cute pattern. I must say that it sure would have been easier to not use quilted fabric, but I rarely do things the easy way. I will make the bag again without the quilted fabric because I really like the style. Feel free to post any pics you like on your blog.
Take care.Thank you, Darlene!
I love it!

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