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Saturday, October 18, 2008

How many people cook everyday?

I don't cook everyday!
Every year I'm getting worse and worse with this.
I work at home. I eat morning and lunch by myself.
My dirty dishes are in my kitchen.
Who is going to clean them?
I know it won't be my son, not my dog. Who else will do it?

When I get into my work, I even forget to sleep... Of course, I forget to cook as well!
"Mom, I'm hungry. I don't want to go out." my son says,
My dog? He might say..."Mom, I'm hungry too!"

My son said, "Let's go to the Ramen noodle place!"
OK! Thank God. I don't need to cook!.
I started to drive and began thinking... We ate there last week. I still remember the taste.
I said to him, "Why don't we go to the Japanese supermarket to eat?"
He wasn't happy but we had already passed the Ramen noodle place.

So we went to the Japanese supermarket food court!
Once he ate his favorite, he was happy and asked me to buy a snack!
Yes, I did!
We bought two of them. It is called Tai-yaki
My son kept asking me, " You will eat yours or not?"
"I need to take a picture."

Here you are!
I took a picture with my Medetai!
It is shape like "Tai"
Outside is made like a pancake, sweet red beans paste are inside.
Yaki means grilled.

Japanese always ask,

"Will you eat the head or tail first?"

My son said, "I eat from tail, don't criticize me!"

How about you?


sally nubblefield said...

Hoodie, I enjoyed very much reading your blog. I am new to this facet of internet communication and a bit overwhelmed by it but I found it interesting to read your blog.

Lucy said...

You are so lucky to have a Ramen place and a Japanese supermarket close by. My kids love the sweet bean paste pancakes. I don't like them so much, sweet and beans just don't go together in my head. :o) My sister-in-law Miyuki, makes them for my kids sometimes. Her family doesn't like the sweet rice pudding we eat. They can't get over the sweet and rice combination in their heads. It is kind of funny the things we get used to as children and the tastes that we think are good and bad. Love the fabric by the way.

katie jean said...

A Japanese market and a food court? Lucky you!!