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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"Medetai" Collection

Second fabric group are released in October.
Using my Japanese heritage, I was inspired to design the "Medetai" Collection.

The translation of “Medetai” in the Japanese-English dictionary is
“Good news, Happy”.
This word is used for a celebration.

In Japan, the color for celebration is red.
The fish called “Tai” which is the Red Snapper has red skin.
“Tai” is in the word “Mede-Tai”. Therefore, “Tai” is the special fish used
for celebrations such as the New Year and weddings.

Fish has been a very important main dish for the Japanese throughout history.
When the commercial fishing boats brought a big catch of fish to the market
it was good luck for everyone. Tai was also a symbol of luck and success.


The translation of “Uchiwa” in the Japanese-English dictionary is “A round fan”
We use the Uchiwa mainly in the summer because it makes a cool wind.
It is very important to carry an Uchiwa at the summer festival.
Many free Uchiwa are available in the summer time because businesses put
their ads on them.

Uchiwa’s are also used to get rid of evil spirits, illness or harmful insects.
Uchiwa is another popular lucky item.

The translation of “Manekineko” in the Japanese-English dictionary is “the
beckoning figure of a cat displayed in shops to bring in customers”.
Maneki (Maneku) means invitations. Neko is cat.
Most of the Manekineko hold a huge coin of large value. Our cat is not holding
a coin although the background motif is from an old Japanese lucky coin.

Our Manekineko is inviting good luck for everyone.
These are three lucky wishes, Let’s get Good Luck!

I didn't put this fabrics group on my website yet.
Please refer to: Blank Quilting site. Download free pattern. Make a quilt with "Medetai" Collection.

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stacysews said...

I LOVE these prints! Especially the black, white and red group - it's so striking.... I'm thinking I may need to make a bag with the tree like print. Awesome collection!