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Sunday, October 19, 2008

6:00 am!

4:55 am, my alarm woke me up.
Why do I have to wake?
Oh, Ice hockey game at 6:00 am! I woke my son up and when we got to the ice rink it was 5:30 am.
Parking lot was full. What are these people doing?
A bunch of parents were there and holding a cup of coffee.
Crazy, Ice hockey world is crazy.
We have been in this cloud for 8 years already!

I was a basketball player for 10 years when I was at school. Since my son plays ice hockey, basketball games are a little boring. They are not fast enough.
I became a hockey Mom among Americans.
Here is my illustration for his 9 year old birthday.

I have many memories of skating with my father. I learned how to skate and ski from my father and a cousin in our countryside (NAGANO 1998 Winter Olympics) where we were born.

After we moved to the city, my father missed all the sports he grew up with.
He took me to the skate rink and mountains for his pleasure. We also went fishing.
My father's sports became my sports and I handed them to my son. My son was the buddy I needed to share my pleasure.

My son had no choice and I taught him to skate and ski when he was 4 years old. My son and I never took lessons when we were starting!
These became his major sports and his skills are completely beyond me now. He has also been snowboarding since he was 5. I started to learn snowboarding a couple of years ago. I am getting better at it and slowly improving my skill. Well, it is not easy though! Falling and falling.

I worked (I was sewing in the basement) until 6:00 am two nights ago because I wanted to see the results of my new ideas, besides I was too excited, making new projects.
I'm going to Quilt market. I don't have much time anymore.
I won't put my own booth in this year.
I can't travel for 5 days because no one can be with my son this long. It will be a short trip, I will be back on Sunday evening to prepare for his school day.

I will be at the market 25th all day and 26th morning with my new projects at the Blank Quilting Booth. #1200,02,04,06,1301,03,05,07

I hope I will see you there!
Here is my Morning Call and Medetai handout postcard!

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