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Monday, October 27, 2008

Congratulations! Blank Quilting won Best Booth at International Quilt Market/Houston.

I left George R. Brown Convention Center at 12:30 pm. Our Airplane took off at 2:30 pm. It landed at Newark at 7:08 pm.
My phone made a sound, "You've got mail." I was still in the airplane.
It was from my friend Sam, Mark Hordyszynski's partner.
"Hoodie, we got first place!"
I smiled!--I couldn't jump because I still was wearing the seat belt.
Thank you Karen for your post. (Karen Combs - Licensee Artist for Blank Quilting. She and her son Josh helped sales at Blank Quilting booth during The Quilt Market) I could see the celebrations atmosphere from your pictures.
I borrowed your pictures - I hope you don't mind.
Left picture: (Names are showing from left to right)
Jeremy Jeffries(Vice President Of Sales)
Diana Mancini (Art Director)
Mitchell Blank(President)

During the summer, Mark, Diana and I were talking about our booth display in Houston. Mark has great ideas and I love them always.
I arrived at George R. Brown Convention Center on the 24th (Setup day), 4:00pm.
I found Sam and Mark easily.
"Hi, honey!" we kissed, then I said "I have to go to Blank's booth."
"Hoodie, where do you think you are? You are at Blank's booth!"
It was beautifully done already. I thought I would be helping with the display when I got there.
Well done! Mark!
Mark Hordyszynski (Right below picture), he is my best friend for many years. I believe, at least 12 years?
We stayed at the same hotel (Last year as well) but we arrived on a different day. Our rooms were next each other although I'm sure the hotel people didn't know we are friends.
Mark Hordyszynski, he is a designer, Rock Candy, Wonderland, In the doghouse, Circus Critters for Blank Quilting.
He designed "Fairy Frost" "Disco Dots" and many of his styles of novelty designs for Michael Miller Fabrics. Our designs were always next to each other in the market for many years and still are.
We displayed many quilts. These were hanging in the gates. This Quilt is using "Medetai"group and Mark's "Rock Candy" M4875.
What a beautiful combination and great quilt design.
(Quilt design by Heidi Pridemore)

Mark published two books recently.
>Shag - His first novel is selling at Barnes and Novel iUniverse
>Strip & Knit with STYLE (C&T PUBLISHING) is selling both books.
I will interview him tomorrow!

I will post more about the show and my stuff at the show tomorrow as well.

It was great meeting with the people that work for Blank Quilting, many of my friends (we meet twice a year at the show) and many customers.
Thank you for all your support!


stacysews said...

Wow, amazing booth! Congrats to Blank Quilting!

Anonymous said...

I too was at Fall 2008 Quilt Market and Blank Textiles booth was fun and fresh. The leaves gave the booth a playful feel and showcased the fabric. A big congratulations to Mark for getting two books published in one year! What an accomplishment. As the Publisher at C&T Publishing, I can tell you his Strip & Knit book is full of great techniques and designs that are sure to inspire any knitter. Mark Rocks!