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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Announcing "Medetai" on Fat Quarter Shop's blog and coincidence stories.

My second group is on the Fat Quarter Shop and the story of Medetai is on their blog, "The Jolly Jabber" as of yesterday.
Usually , I don't use my own country's heritage in my designs. However I did another Japanese group, it was called "Keiko"
I believe these two groups are the only Japanese designs I have created during my entire textile career of 30 years.
I found my designed fabrics "Keiko" and "Sachi" (I still love this design) on Maneki Neko Bag during a Google search today.
It is very interesting,
she called her bag "Maneki neko bag" she made it a year ago with my designs.

I did a re-layout from the original file and framed these two fabric designs of mine.
I donated them to my Town Auction Art Show four years ago.
Actually Atomic City was a hit at the show. People still talk about it.

Darlene, who made the Messenger Bag from my sewing pattern. (I posted her pictures on OCT 6)
She didn't know I have my own original fabrics. I asked her to make the same bag with my fabrics for Quilt Market. We couldn't make it in time because my fabrics had a delayed delivery.
I got an email from Darlene while she was waiting for my fabrics to arrive.

ay (OCT 17th) I was playing with my fabric stash. Imagine my surprise when I pulled out this collection (see pic) & looked at the selvage & saw Hoodie's Collection. I had no idea it was yours.


Material Girls Fabric in Santa Rosa, CA ordered my Reversible Skirt Apron about two months ago. I mentioned to them about my first fabric group "Morning Call". It turned out they had already bought them but were unaware both were my designs. I went to their website and saw the owner Nicole's picture. I could see my Floral Fusion Group fabrics (I used these fabrics with my aprons and bags that are on cover page of my sewing patterns) were behind her (Left upper corner) in the photo..

I put my name "Hoodie" in my fabric artwork sometimes. I draw my dog "Chowder" in many of my designs. I'm sure you have been seeing them but you don't recognize them.
It was my mischief behave.


stacysews said...

I love how you put personal touches like your dog or your name into your fabric designs!

Lucy said...

Oh my I really love your new line. I can't wait to get my hands on it.