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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Town Art show before my Tokyo show!

Oops, again!
I forgot our Town Art Auction. It is held around the Quilt Market.
The Quilt Market was earlier than usual, so I confused the date of this auction, besides I have Tokyo show and my son's Ic Hockey Tournament.

Here is comments
of this Auction in this year by Paul who organizes this great event.
Just a note. For many of you this has been 5 years running, you have been amazing, giving your work year after year as you have! If not the children of Leonia I would not bother you, I know that this is a big request. The beneficiaries and ultimately us all win from this unique art exhibition with the free trips back to the MOMA in NYC and this year I noticed a huge truck delivering clay and supplies for the new ceramic kiln. All this never before at ACS prior to the art events, our kids are the true winners. You should all be proud of your part in this one night event. I was sort of burnt out doing it and told my wife I should cool out this go around, especially asking artist to give work again. She explained how important it was and joined in helping the past two years and inspired me to do so as well.
*ACS - Anna C. Scott Elemental School in Leonia.

Paul called and reminded me about this show is held on 22nd and 20th is last day of drop-off artwork 4 days ago.
Let see, do I have artwork?

All That Jazz

I decided this work for 2009. I usually donate a couple of artwork, but I don't have enough time to think which one is good for the show in this year.
I made these musicians for my fabric line but we won't print so far. It became half mono-tone style, but I might try they will be in colors sometime.
I'm making this artwork for a postcard and some other products on zazzle / at the Hoodie's Patch soon.

I started to donate my artwork since their first show. My son was 5th grade, last year of ACS. Besides I was a good friend with his Art teacher. So I thought I should do something to the school and her before he graduate. Click here / They were my first donation.
He is a High School student, Freshman in this year and he is taller than me.

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