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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Great meeting at the Quilt Market!

I like to be at the Quilt Market because I could meet allot of people who I never expected to meet.
I love to meet my friends who I could meet at the show twice a year.
We always do nice hugs and kisses to each other.
Nice meeting all of you!

I met many new people at this market again.
I'm looking forward to keep a nice relationship with them.Sarah and me.
Sarah's booth "Fabric shop network" was across from our Blank Quilting booth.
She said, "We have a mutual friend who is Stacy!"
Stacy mentioned that her friend was going to the Market.
Sarah said, she couldn't find me at the last market, then she thought Hoodie might not exist.
We finally met and We waved to our friend Stacy in the picture.

Piece in the Hoop.
I love the name "Piece in the Hoop" when I saw the cover even though the book was not published yet.
Lorisa L. Bland came over to our booth and introduced her book.
Look at her book.
There is my Rooster Parade/Cream and my Egg Dots/Brown fabrics.
It is exciting to see my fabrics on the cover page of the book.
Not only that!
She was carrying a bag using same Rooster fabric.
Inside of the bag - Egg Dots/Tomato.

The bag was perfect size and looks practical.

Then she took an another one of her products from her bag and said "I just made it before the market."
A business card case.
It is cute, isn't it!
Her book is coming in January 2010.
To order or contact: Jamie Gehring
(800)666-0963 x11481

I can't wait to get her book.

This publisher is carrying nice books.

To learn more, visit

I met Kathy from Fat Quarter Factory, I posted her article on August 8th when I was in Japan.
It was very nice meeting her in person.
She is a very sweet person and her husband is as well.
They could come to see my "Show and Tell" at the Blank Quilting Booth.
She understood my concept of my "Besides Aprons"
She wants to challenge them and show them to her customers, just like I demonstrated .
Keep in touch Kathy!

Thank you for coming to my "Show and Tell"
to Christine from f+w media, Lisa from Quick Quilt Magazine, Kathy from Fat Quarter Factory, my Japanese customers, Mr. Nakajima, and Kinkame. Inc. and more but I don't know the names, sorry.

Thank you for your purchase of my patterns to Samantha from Australia and Sandra Welch from Hometown Crafts & Gift.

Thank you to Indygo Junction for using my fabrics in your products. They are great looking.
I should brought my camera when we visited your booth.

Thank you to Pamela from Creative Sewlutions for cheering for me when they announced my name for the challenge by Simplicity. Pamela spoke to me in Japanese! We were a good company at the market.

Thank you to Kathy Miller for inviting me to the Michael Miller's 10 year anniversary party and bringing back our friendship. It has been for two years since I left. I had many memories (more than 10 years) with her. It was great meeting all of you guys!

Many thanks to all the customers who ordered my fabrics!


PamKittyMorning said...

Enjoyed seeing your collections at fall market!

Sarah said...

How fun! It was great meeting you, Hoodie!

belinha said...

Nice to meet you!:)