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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hoodie's corner at The International Quilt Market in Houston.

When I arrived at the George R. Brown Convention Center 4:30 pm a day before the market.The Blank Quilting booth, the Garden was already beautifully set-up except one corner by the demonstration table.
Thank you for working the set-up booth to Mark, Diana, Kim, Sandy, Barbara and Marilyn!My two mannequins were waiting to wear my new aprons.
I brought all my animals and aprons in my big suitcase.
Can you tell how full in my suitcase?The problems were,
First - My aprons were wrinkled. So I borrowed an iron from my hotel room.
Second - The frames of birds were Styrofoam. They were destroyed when I opened my suitcase. It can't tell from pictures that is lucky part. However I can't use them for my Tokyo show anymore. This is bad part.
To the Shop owners - This frame idea is great to display fabrics at your store,
but don't carry around, especially don't put them in your suitcase!Everybody loved my Cuties (Stuffed Animals)
My cuties were so popular at the booth. I was carrying and showing my cuties, then I was explaining the combination of my fabric lines. I needed to show all my groups again to customers and they ordered many fabrics from my previous groups and new line "Cutie pie"
A Caterpillar, each body is just like big stuffed yo-yo and tie bias tapes (ribbons) between yo-yo cushions. They are like caterpillar legs.
You see combination of my fabric lines on a caterpillar.

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