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Thursday, October 8, 2009

My cuties could be your intermate friends and excellent displays in your store.

I'm bringing more stuff to the Quilt Market in Houston tomorrow.
Funky Cats, Fish, Birds and a Caterpillar as my best friends.
They won't get me nervous when I will do "Show and Tell" in front of the people.
I hope many people to come to see me and my cuties!

These stuffed animals are great for the display in the shop.
You can show the combination of fabrics line to the customers with fun.
Each cat is 8 - 10 different fabrics to use from mixture of my groups could be together in a cat.

Each fish is 7 to 8 different fabrics to use.
These birds are an another great idea of display.
The frame is covered 4 different fabrics and Bird is used 5 different fabrics.
The frame is reusable, you could change different combination of fabrics for every new projects.
I was interviewed from the "Quick Quilt" magazine's editor, Lisa during creating my cuties.
I finally finished them yesterday and took pictures of them.
These pictures are going to on the magazine. Thank you for waiting finishing my creating!
One more picture, this is my sewing room for my small projects, actually, it was painting room once. When I make a lot of projects or a big project, I go to my basement's sewing room.
I don't need to care the mess and clean every time.
I work with my computer in the other room.

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