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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Needleworks "The Job of Fabrics x 3" in Tokyo!

You are invited to our art show!
My Gallery Show with two my best friends in Tokyo is coming soon.
Date : November 9th - 15th.
Katsumi Takeoka from Osaka (Punch-needle Artist),
Taeko Nakano from Tokyo (Doll Artist)
Hoodie from NY (Fabric Artist)

We have known each other for 1/4 century and kept our friendship.
We create different type of art, we have different job careers, we are living different area in our different life.
We are still creating own artwork in own our way but all of us are using fabrics in our recent work.
It passed 16 years since we had the show together in Kanazawa.
We decided to get together again. It's our party time!

"Needleworks" 布の仕事x3(The job of fabrics x 3)
at Amulet Art Gallery in KandaJinbo-cho, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo.

This is the building for our show.
Second floor - Gallery
When I visited there in last summer (August) to check my space at the gallery.
They used the space for the market at the time.
There were displayed with many cute hand-made goods.
When we will have our show, we won't use this big table.
Both big side of walls will be my friends', my wall will be by the window.This wall will be mine!First Floor - Shop and Cafe
Half of their space, middle to the end at 1st floor is their regular shop.
Another half, front space is their cafe.
They sell items that are all hand-made goods by artist or antiques.
All of them were so special.I found cutting fabrics at the end of their store.
I couldn't see my fabrics at once but I found mine "Morning Call Group"
I called this design "Sweet Garden" #5292 Apple
Cotton Fabric Store "Early's Print" is selling my fabrics.
They called this design "Fruits"
Thank you! Ms. Tsuchiya.
#5292 Apple from Morning Call Group for Blank Quilting
It is sold out at Early's Print siteCafe at their 1st floor.
In this picture - My friend who is a Doll Artist/Taeko Nakano
and my son/Ice Hockey Player and Film maker for skateboarders,
High school student/Freshman
It was a very hot day, we needed to drink delicious Japanese Ice Coffee.

I couldn't be at our show 16 years ago. I moved to US already in 1993.
I won't be in Tokyo for this show either because of my son's school and sports and my work.

The challenge piece "Cuckoo Candy Plot", my cuties and aprons are going to Tokyo.
I'm going to make my second quilt for this show.

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belinha said...

What a cute place!I followed you here from your Zazzle store...:))