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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Tokyo Dome Show!

I was in Tokyo from 20th to 24th. I attended at the Festival from 21st to 23rd. (Last three days)
It was beautiful days during my staying in Osaka and Tokyo. It was very lucky!!!!
Look at beautiful sky on 23rd.
Can you tell, it is big show?
I couldn't walk in the aisles because it was so crowded.
250,000 people are coming in nine days for the Festival every year even during the bad economy!
This is some kind of the show.
I saw many people from Europe and Australia.
This was the booth "Nakajima Inc. They sold my Apron Kit.
It was very successful business at the show. Great news!
Many stores will carry this kit!
This was best seller combination at the show.
Sold out! Thank you!
Cute stuffed animal was by the apron.
Two other combination sold well, too.
I got many requests from customers and I got many ideas as well.
I feel I have so many homework!

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