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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Laminated Morning Call Fabrics at Tokyo Dome.

Laminated fabrics are Hot at Japanese market!
It is pretty thick and soft.
Here is my Kettle Rattle / Aqua laminated fabric. (First ppicture)
I hesitated to buy it because it was mine first day at the festival.
Do I have to pay for my fabric???
I changed my mind because it is going to discontinued fabric and it is laminated fabric, I don't have it. When I went back to the booth, ididn't find mine any more. No more Aqua!! Zeeee
A lady was holding yellow colorway of it.
She put it down, then I grabbed it because it was last sheet at there.
I don't know this is a good story or not! haha.
This is thick and soft. It seems good to be a summer bag, a dipper bag, a tablecloth and more.
I haven't decided what I'm going to make yet.
The company, Kumagaya Shouji is selling three coloways of my Kettle Rattle and some of Blank Quilting fabrics.
Country Quilt Market was hanging two my fabrics.
It was my artwok from 10 years ago. It was still at the market.
Each Artwork is bringing me back to the memories of my passed life.

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