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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Great meeting at the Tokyo Dome.

I found the store "Early's Print" on the magazine ten years ago because my designs (fabrics) were on her AD.
It was my first time I sew my designs on the Japanese magazine after I moved to US.
I was designing for Michael Miller Fabrics. It was very early time when Michael Miller Fabrics was established (1999).
I met the owner, Ms. Tsuchiya at the Houston show once.
Three years later (2003), I went back to my country finally since 1994.
I visited some major cotton stores in Tokyo getting to know Japanese quilt market.
I met her again.

She bought my designs (fabrics) again after I moved to Blank Quilting (2008) without knowing they were my designs. Great discovering by her taste again!
These my fabrics became Ms. Tsuchiya's bags and hanging at the show.

I've never seen my "Casting Cats" group in Japan.
Look! Great bag! I love it.
She has great bag patterns, check them out!
Everybody loves Morning Call designs!
She sells Kit of it. Click the picture below.
Even she cut motifs from Morning Call Fabric and put on the flag!It was great meeting with her again.

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