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Thursday, April 29, 2010

New released fabrics for Spring! Lovely Morning and Dottie Mushroom.

It has been busy. Always!
Then I have stories good and bad. Always!

I'm waiting my new fabrics arrive, still.
It was delayed to print because I couldn't approve colors.
So I still don't have them. It is not good heading to Quilt Market.
I don't have enough time to create Hoodie's Goodies!!!!!
However Fat Quarter Shop bought them already! Thanks!
They don't have a name of Hoodie or Blank Quilting on their Home Page.
I don't know how people will know they have my new line?
They are not available yet, but they are coming soon!

Lovely Morning and Dotty Mushroom.
3 colorway each.
Another group is called "Joy Basket"
This group is Hoodie's standard line that could coordinate with any Hoodie's Fabrics.
  • Hoop Dots, Play-Loop Dots, Spot Dots, Egg Dots from Morning Call Group and more colorways.
  • Cheer Wheel from Sparkling Paris, New colorways / Black and Brown.
  • Candy Dots from Cutie Pie New colorways / Black, Green, Purple and Cream.
  • Diamond Check from Sparkling Paris / New colorways Cream.
  • New design - Spin Jam / Black, Cream, Red, Aqua and Yellow.
Now Blank Quilting put the name for each my design.
I will post images of Joy Basket fabrics once I get the samples.
Unfortunately Fat Quartet Ship haven't carried any of them.
Joy Basket fabrics are great coordinated fabrics with Lovely Morning and Dotty Mushroom.
I will introduce the combination of them at the Quilt Market.

I'm finishing up new fabric designs for Fall Market while I'm waiting my fabrics arrive.
I love them!
Once I get new fabrics I'm going to make Hoodie's Goodies for the Quilt Market in Minneapolis.
Sounds busy, right?

I was introduced on Mira Best. Check it out!
My Medetai Group at SeamStar shop in UK. Check it out!
Thank you for links!

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