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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Welcome to the Hoodie's Goodies.

Now you got in. Enjoy the store.
I donated these flower artwork - Free Mind Group- Leonia Art Auction 2007.
Large Frame 75.00 Medium 55.00
Right - two white frames are Finding Honey Pie for toddlers.
Eight Honey Pies are hiding in the shapes.
Beautiful Julie Popa's Quilt using all my fabrics.
My Besides Half and Full Aprons as samples for the patterns and Kit.
Atomic City and Doll House / 2005 Leonia Art Auction show.
Sassy Poodle, Cutie Pie, Kettle Rattle, Sparkling Paris, Fun Fan Fun
These designs from my fabric collection.
Coordinate with my fabrics in your room!
All That Jazz for 2009 Leonia Art Auction show.
Kitchen Club Collection. Big 85.00 Small 45.00
Welcome Mannequin. 25.00
The Mannequin wear the cap - you can make it from my Besides Half Apron's book.
She wears my Japanese Accessories.
I got milk! Moo. The are cute at the kitchen and kid's room as well.
We decided to sell my stuffed Animals in custom order. 55.00
We sold this cat already. We have an option to buy original artwork Greeting cards with Autograph. 8.00
Left on the shelf. These are Desktop Frame - Small 35.00 " Crazy bunny"
Atomic City XSmall 20.00
Little Cowboy - Box frame 20.00
Love Rosie, Spoon & Fork Big frame - 75.00
Hana Kat - Pink, Blue, Yellow - 45.00
Reformed Notebook - Hoodie's designs are printed on Recycled Paper.
These are one of kind! Big 10.00 Small 6.00
My Accessory Tree.
All artwork will be on Hoodie in the box soon.
Plus more stuff!

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