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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hoodie's Goodies Exhibition March 12 - April 3

It was storm night in our area.
Thank you for coming even it was bad weather.
It was fun night for us after our hard work!
Jennifer made Hoodie's Goodies banner using my fabrics, cool!
The owners for The Craft Lounge. Jennifer, Kathy, Susie
(from left to right)
They wore my aprons, but they looked like theirs.
"So cute!" I said, "Don't move, I have to take pictures."
The apron is just like her skirt.
We all worked very hard before the show.
Susie hang all my artwork on the wall.
Susie and Jan displayed all my my goodies.
I was handing Goodies everyday.
Kathy put all my goodies in their inventory.
The Craft Lounge is located by Leonia Elemental school - Anna.C.Scott at main intersection of our town, Broad Ave x Fort Lee Rd.
Many children and parents are walking the street during a day.
We picked up my artwork for kid's room and Kitchen for our customers from my library.
They sell the gift items that are completely hand-made.
They are one of kind!
You can enjoy being there, really.They have classes for crafts.
It was a storm night's picture, but you could tell the store!
I will put more pictures of my Goodies on next post!My Quilt "Cuckoo Candy Plot" is by the cashier. Enjoy it!

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