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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hoodie's Goodies Parasol.

A Hoodie's Goodies Parasol
Fabrics = Candy Dots (Brown) and Precious Garden (Green).
I ordered this parasol (using my fabrics) at the Tokyo Dome Quilt Festival.
My Japanese client came to NY for our business meeting and brought my parasol on Wednesday.

I use the parasol in Spring and Summer to avoid UV.
I can't wait holding this parasol and walking in NY city soon!

Please let me know if you are interesting Hoodie's Goodies Parasol!
This parasol might be available in Kit and finish product in future.
It is another one of kind!

1 comment:

Hoodies For Women said...

I really like your hoodies but not quite what I would like to wear when it comes to hoodies for women in urban environment. But I must the patterns and colours on these ladies tops are just awesome in the way they have designed. I would like to have seen these design patterns printed on a urban hooded top I think it will work - what about also having some colorful cartoon characters in the design as well??