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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lucy's Apron.

Here is Lucy's masterpiece. Her apron made with my fabric, "Kettle Rattle" Col/Egg (Blank Quilting has not given names for each design but they have names by Hoodie) from my Morning Call group.
Lucy said about her pictures:
"I had to take them at night because that is the only time I get to sew (after my five little kids are in bed)."
I have no idea how she can work so hard at this and also take care of her five little kids.
I like a powerful woman. I guess she is one of us.
She even commented, "Sorry they aren't better."

I think they are beautiful pictures and it is a very attractive apron!
I'm sure my readers have the same opinion.
Please check her blog, "My Byrd House".
You will enjoy this apron even more with her instructions.

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