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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Random pictures from my Japan trip!

Glico sign stay forever. It was there at Dohtonbori when I was a little.
It says. "Want to deliver smile to everybody!"

On our way to "ZAUO" Fishing Restaurant. Pro - Wrestling on arena.

Nu-Chayamachi Fashion Building - I like CORN Goat.
I saw the house from 4th floor of Bookstore-Junekudo.

Loft was that house's neighbor. Interesting life!

Strange shape of character stuffed animals were popular in Japan. (LOFT)

Souvenir Store By the Station in our country side. Shinano-Ohmachi

I have to buy "OYAKI" and eat! 
The taste of my country side where I was born!
OYAKI(Parent Tree) - Containing buckwheat flour and fragrant skin. Lightly fried in oil and burn it in a kiln from the containment squeeze the taste. Utilizing the characteristic is a healthy taste of the material. Inside - Maitake mushroom, mixed vegetables, Vegetable Nozawa, miso green onion, radish, cut maternal, squash, bean paste grain, Beech shimeji, thistle (mountain vegetables), other kinds, are also available Eresin of seasonal ones.
Ramen Noodle Restaurant "Tail of Pig"was located at the station area.

These vegetables were made by my cousin.
Fresh! Delicious!

Can you tell where come from my images of veggies fabrics?

Tokyo - Asakusa Ginza line
Tour Guides
Asakusa shrine

Ema Ema (or example), the shrines and temples to pray for time to dedicate to your company when it makes sense that the reward was the wish and prayer, and painted a wooden board.
Wash your hand before you pray!
Senso Temple
Get smoke for getting your luck.

Stores (Nakamise)

Brush store
 Broom store

Yatai - Stand (Foods)
Cold Candy with
Strawberry, Pineapple, Cherry, Orange, Peach. Plum
 When you buy, you can play the game once.

Shaved ice (kakigori)

If you like to drink alcohol and eat, defiantly this street!

Mokubaza - Theatre
Mosaic art at Asakusa Subway entrance, Ginza line

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