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Monday, July 25, 2011

Beer Brewery and Bookstore, and more!

The name of the bookstore is "Standard Bookstore" in Osaka, Umeda Area,
in Nu-Chayamachi Building 2nd Floor.
This Bookstore sells local beers. Interesting!
I consider myself a beer taster, a beer lover. I love craft beer from the brewery. (Domestic Beers.)
Look, these are cute labels. I choose things by graphics first as I mentioned it on my Japanese blog "Kimamaya-notes"
But the taste is more important than graphics after you tasted.
Kind of like how you can't judge a book by it's cover.
I was surprised at the name of it, "Minoh beer" because I live in Minoh! I never know about it.
I asked, "Where can I buy these beers?"
A man was working the cafe said,
"You can drink here."
"Well, I don't want to be drunk, now"
Because I wanted to taste all of 4.

I was on my way to go to one of the biggest bookstores in Japan called Maruzen "Junkudo".
It should be written "Junekudo" then we can pronounce right English way.
My best friend recommended the bookstore "Junkudo" because I needed for special books for my work.

* I was happy to be in Japan, because I see these English mistakes that I do make all the time.
My son knows where come from my mistakes now!
What we discovered on this trip,
  • Word Cup instead of World Cup on TV
  • Orijinal instead of Original - Children clothing store's catalog
  • Oliginal instead of Original - Minoh Beer's website
  • Karl instead of Curl on Japanese snack's package
We can't do well differences of R and L, J and G, V and B, F and H, S and TH, No Z sound.

I came back home and googled "MINOH BEER"
It wasn't far from my place.
My friend drove me there. I bought 6 different bottles!
About $4. Set of 6 $24 it is very expensive!
They said it was started 14 years ago. I left Japan 18 years ago. I couldn't travel to Japan for 10 years until 2003. No wonder, I didn't know anything about Japanese Beer movements. It has been popular these original beers everywhere in Japan.
If I stay in Japan longer, I will be busy hunting Beer allover the country. :)
I like this poster.They make Original Beer labels for individual events, such as a wedding party, memorial events or Business promotions.
It is an interesting service.Let me think "Hoodie Beer" or "Goodies Beer" by Hoodie?
Haha, funny!I tasted all bottles with my friends with Kobe beef BBQ at his house.
You noticed the bottles without CAPS! Yummy!
Go back to about Standard Bookstore, I went to their blog.
Catch title of the store, "It is the bookstore, but there are no BEST SELLERS."

I had a chance to go to head Standard Bookstore where was in Shinsaibashi area.
It was easy to find after lunch with my work relationship Mr. Ito from Lecien at Nishi-ohashi, one station from Shinsaibashi.
Fashion, Fashion, style, style. WWD in Japanese, wow.These books are about Records. Beloved.Foods, recipes, what else do you need? Apron?!Mom, your products need funky graphics!
You are right! I need packaging graphics for my products.
Can you see MINOH BEER sign?
We needed rest from a long walk at their cafe.
We stayed one hour and half at the bookstore cafe.
The talk show was started when we seated. Then we stayed there to the end.
My son was playing a game on the iPad.
One guest who was a photographer brought his ipad and showed his pictures. He mentioned his link, too.
My son said, "No Wi-Fi here. What the point to bring iPad and mention the link?"
We need Wi-Fi at the Bookstore's cafe!
The interviewer mentioned about Lady Gaga who was in Japan at the time.
My son started to talk about her.
The singer was another guest, and she sang a song in English.
My son mentioned Japanese accent of English song.
He commented something for each guest.
He picked up some English words which he could hear and guess what people were talking about. It was funny he sounded to understand all.

A man sat down next to me during the talk show.
He went to the stage and introduced a couple of books as the last guest for the talk show.
He was the owner of the Bookstore.
We spoke for a while after the talk show by chance.
He got an idea of new style bookstore when he traveled to NY eight years ago.
He hasn't come back to NY since then.
I mentioned MINOH BEER that I saw at his second store in Umeda.
It got to interested his store more. I wanted to came to head store before we leave Osaka.
Three sisters started business of the craft beer 14 years ago in MINOH.
He has a good relationship with them.
He likes "Rolling Rock".
Hope he should come to NY again and try American tasty craft beer.
It was a nice meeting!

I think the selection of his bookstore is crossover cultures.
This bookstore has the mixture of Osaka taste and global sense.
I loved Play Guide Journal Magazine which created Osaka's art and music culture around 1970's to 80's. Their events were reminded me in those days.
It seems he supports many artists in Osaka. That is great!

I was refreshed! I needed it!
It was great motivation for my next upcoming projects.

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