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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Is florist mery Japasese?

Florist Mary ---- I found this store in Osaka city / Umeda area. One of my next projects is "Gardening Group"
Get some inspirations.

I bought a Hibiscus plant last year around this time.
When it got cold, The leaves shrunk badly.
I would think that it was telling me to be inside.
But I wasn't sure it got healthy again or not at the time.
Fortunately, it was very healthy during the winter in my warm kitchen.
It went back to the front as soon as spring had come.

I was telling my son that I forgot to ask my friend to take care of the plant during our trip.
I thought if it gets rain a couple of days during our trip, the plant should survive.

It was a pretty dumb idea.

When we got back, the plant's leaves were completely dry.
It was very sad looking.

But, I gave the water anyway before I went to bed.

Next day, I opened the door.
The plant was awake! It's leaves had sprouted again.Amazing! Leaves are starting shining, healthy green.
A flower was blossoming yesterday.
I keep repeating, "It's a miracle!"

* I took this picture in this morning, the flower hasn't been blossoming yet. It will blossom later afternoon and another flower is ready to blossom too.

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