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Friday, April 1, 2011

Hoodie's Goodies - started to sell in Japan.

Japanese store, Tail Tree is selling Hoodie's Goodies now.
Hoodie started Hoodie's Goodies Blog.
I'm going to introduce Goodie's Products.

What is different from other aprons?
---- I designed them practical use besides cute. Each apron is thoroughly finished. 

---- I consider the Apron's shape to keep neat after many washed.

---- Bias tapes are made by Hoodie's Fabrics that are all around Aprons.
The bias tape is wider than regular bias tape 5/8". It is richer and cuter.

---- Half Apron's ties are long and tie in front.

---- Pockets are big and keep your necessary stuff with you during your house work.

Some of the products will be @ Hoodie in the box includes ETSY's.
Some of the aprons are selling @ The Craft Lounge.
  • Circular Apron
  • Annabel Mom's Apron
  • Annabel Kid's Apron
  • Cafe Apron
  • Carpenter Kid's Apron
Hoodie's Goodies Aprons, wholesale price is available.
Contact Hoodie.

Welcome for international customers!
More aprons will post on Hoodie's Goodie's Blog.

Please free ti ask my fabrics, i sell them, if i have it.
Domestic - 8.50
International - 7.50

Veggie Patch on Cafe Apron and Carpenter Kid's Apron!

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