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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Facebook - Hoodie's Goodies

Since Japan had started selling Hoodie's Goodies after the earthquake and Tsunami.
I had been working hard to back up for them.

I asked "Will we do our plans for Hoodie's Goodies?"
Tail Tree's owner said, "Are you kidding?"
"No one stop working. Everybody is working! We have to keep going."

I couldn't believe to hear the strong words.
I believe we will make it!

My friend who own a small restaurant (Izaka-ya) in Sendai. (Tsunami area) He reopened his Izaka-ya last week.
I read his business blog.
It seemed his family needed to move to the new place. He wants to open his Izaka-ya even he overworks. He has no choice to start in limited menu. He put some pictures of customers. They looked happy at the moment with drink! I feel strong energy.

We all (NY area) remember 9.11 2001. We were strong too.
I worked, I drew a design "Patriotic Pal" for Michael Miller Fabrics. (I guess, this is a name for that design. Same feeling with "I think, I can" or Cowpokes and Cowgirls.)

We (Japan and US) are preparing Hoodie's aprons for "Mother's day"

I made Blog/Catalog Hoodie's Goodies
Now, Hoodie's Goodies is on Facebook.
Next is Twitter and then Website.
Keep going!

Visit Hoodie's Goodies is on Facebook and clik "Like"

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