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Monday, January 10, 2011

New Jersey Monthly / The Craft Lounge and Hoodie's Apron

I love the cover of Magazine!!! The big word of "Future"
Many treasures at TCL!
Thank you for choosing my Apron with your article, TCL!
Retro Rooster skirt Apron $38
Annabel Apron Mom $38
Annabel Apron Kids with pouch $32

Thank you for shopping at Bryant Park "J-Wave"
It was closed on Jan 2nd.
I just took care of my inventory last weekend.
Retro Rooster Aprons and Annabel Apron Mom were sold well!
All my stuffed fish and cats were adapted.

My Target for 2011's Christmas store - Handmade ornaments and more.

Annabel Apron kids / Mom's and more Skirt Apron will be in stock @ Hoodie in the box soon.

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