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Friday, January 14, 2011

Natureland is released JAN 2011 for Blank Quilting

I worked very hard to fix colors in this group for 6 months with the printer in the last year.
Finally, I satisfied the result of colors, Blank Quilting dropped main design and brown colorway.

This is my original design group.

People say ... "This group is not like Hoodie's style." But you see the main design, you understand it was "Hoodie!"
I wanted to make a Back Pack, outside - my main design (Leaf), inside - using others in patchwork.

They are still gorgeous! I usually could get my fabrics when they printed.
They never come to my door.
I don't have Natureland fabrics yet.
So I haven't made anything yet with Natureland.
My friend / Kris Poor (Poorhouse Quilt Designs) is making her bag using Purple/ Step-in-seed and Lacework.AND my onion, too. It will be COOL.

Check it out, My Lacework is gorgeous with many colorways.
I handed colors to Blank Quilting last year already.
If you like them, please request Blank Quilting to print :)
Hope they will print them. :^)

Natureland Group is Hoodie's last designs for Blank Quilting.
Thank you for your support!

My designs with Blank Quilting,
Joy Basket, Lovely Morning, Dottie Mushroom, Sparkling Paris (Mauve) Poodle (Ivory), Spoon and Fork (Tomato), Morning Call (Olive), Kettle Rattle (Aqua), Veggie's Patch (All), Natureland are still selling, still going.

Still growing... I hope :)
Cutie Pie Group is Closeout Goods in this January.
I miss many designs that were already discontinued.
Please keep contacting Blank Quilting regarding "Hoodie's"
Customer service :

Special Apologies
I wrote about Veggie's apron project sheets from Blank Quilting.
I hope Blank Quilting will make these aprons project sheets ASAP.
Then I can make kits or finish products from Hoodie's Goodies.
It might be a good idea.

Art Director of Blank Quilting decided not to make project sheets for these aprons after the Quilt Market.
It was very sad decision.
Many people might expect to get the instructions of Veggie aprons.
I promise, I'm going to make them.
Thank you for your patient!

Hoodie officially works for Timeless Treasures Fabrics in Jan 1st, 2011.

The concept of my lines in 2011 is.
"It's a party!"

We are working on a lot of fun groups.

More Dots,
More Foods,
More Kitchen,
More Flowers,
More Paris,
More Kid's and Baby's
More Fun stuff!

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