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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bryant Park Holiday Market in NY / J-wave

She is a store owner, YUKO who wore Japanese Character costume.
Halloween was over! I know, But.....
These costumes remind me my favorite movie "A Christmas story"
Ralphie got a pink rabbit costume (bunny pajamas) from Aunt Clara on Christmas morning,.
It is unique Christmas present! Besides it is warm.
Yuko says, "I like people smile. These costumes make smile and happy."
Her company sells mainly stationery goods.
She coordinated animal's goods in her Holiday market store at Bryant Park for this year.
She put Hoodie's Goodies space at the center of the store.
They are different from others, but they are blending in the store.
My Cats and Fish are displaying. So far - no price on it.
I still don't have a time to make them. Sorry!
It has been open for two weeks. (November 4th - January 2nd)
Hoodie's Goodies - Skirt Apron, Oven Mitts, Leaf, for two weeks.
Annabel Mom's Apron, Annabel kid's Apron in the pouch, Bell Pot Holder (new items)
Best seller item is "leaf" $8.00 in the clear box.
I know it is not cheap, but we are selling well so far!
People are asking, "What is this?"
Decoration, Key plate, Coaster,
Chopsticks rest.
This is a great idea!This store's location is behind the NY Public Library, by the Christmas tree (Not yet),
by the Skate Link.It is the perfect location!

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