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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Veggie Patch at the International quilt market.

It is a great quilt!!
You can download pattern FREE!
Many people might missed seeing it. It was displayed at dead zone of the booth.
It was a good location for the people were in the booth, but it wasn't good location from outside of the booth.
Still, we could got the attention because I wore them.

I hope Blank Quilting will make these aprons project sheets ASAP.
Then I can make kits or finish products from Hoodie's Goodies.
It might be a good idea.
The pockets are perfect size for your cell phone.


sewnstudio said...

Do you know if these project sheets have been made up yet? I could not find them on the Blank website,

Hoodie said...

Art Director of Blank / Diana decided not to make project sheets for these aprons. It is very SAD.
So far I'm not planning to make project sheets myself. If I get many requests, I will!

They have quilt and Tableware

sewnstudio said...

That is very sad. I will have to rethink whether or not to order the fabric for the shop. I almost ordered 20 bolts yesterday and am glad I got this information before I placed the order.