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Friday, June 11, 2010

Pre-Sale Hoodie's Goodies / Skirt Apron and Open mouth mitt.

We love Apron!
Rooster Parade, one of my favorite design from Morning Call group on my cute Skirt Apron.
This name had never been on the selvage.
It is a single side Apron. Ties are double side and stitched both edges.
Fit all sizes.
This apron has long ties. You can tie in front.
It is comfortable and stylish!

Beautifully covered by 5/8" Bias tapes around apron and pockets by hand.
Well sewing keeps the shape of the apron after wash.
Fabrics are soft and rich, high quality, 100% cotton.
You will notice differences from others once you get it.

Oven mitt named Open Mouth Mitt!
It goes with the apron. It is soft and fit well for woman's hand.
Your mom or wife Opens her Mouth during her cooking.

Rooster Parade is Pre-Sale Goodies. Enjoy!
2011 - name had changed to Circular Apron!


yui said...

I regularly visit your blog.
Keep on challenging!

Hoodie said...

Hi Yui,
I got really great comments. Yes, I will!