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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Joy Basket / Lovely Morning and Dottie Mushroom

Joy Basket - It is "Your Joy" to use Hoodie's Collection Fabrics.
My concept is "Don't waste your Hoodie's fabrics!"
You can enjoy to use my fabrics with any my collections.Now, each design has a name!
Four designs from my first collection "Morning Call" for Blank Quilting.
  • Egg Dots - 10 colorways
  • Hoop Dots - 10 colorways
  • Play-Loop Dots - 4 colorways
  • Spot Dots - 5 colorways
Two designs from "Sparkling Paris"
  • Diamond Check - 3 colorways
  • Cheer Wheel - 3 colorways
  • Spin Jam - 5 colorways
Spin Jam is new. It supposed to be with Sparkling Paris group. Spin Jam design is on Eiffel Tower.

One design from "Cutie Pie"
  • Candy Dots - 5 colorways
These two designs are released same issue with "Joy Basket"
Fun to use "Joy Basket" with these two designs!
Please go back to my previous post "Hoodie's at the Quilt Market in Minneapolis!"
You see the combination of them.

1 comment:

Darlene said...

I just LOVE your Lovely Morning & Dottie Mushroom fabric designs! Great colors & patterns! Keep the beautiful fabrics coming, Hoodie!!!