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Monday, May 24, 2010

Hoodie's at the Quilt Market in Minneaplolis!

I got bigger space at Blank Quilting Booth than last market.
It was Hoodie's corner in Houston.
It was Hoodie's small tearoom or store at the corner in Minneapolis.
My three mannequins, side table, small stand for the bags, bamboo mat from my house traveled to Minneapolis.Additional furniture were yellow coffee table set and two small bookcases.
My space was just like I imaged. Actually it was better than I pictured.
Two Joy Basket quilts by Sandi Irish were beautifully entertained with my Hoodie's Goodies.Candy Dots (Joy basket / 5 colorways) on HOODIE sign
Candy Dots / Pink from Cutie Pie.Light color - Joy basket quilt for kid or baby.
Left - Besides full Apron
Fabrics - Spot Dots / Eggplant, Hoop Dots / Eggplant from Joy basket.Here is Hoodie's Corner.

Hoodie's Goodies / Leaf - Coasters.
Sale (a pair in clear box with a notecard) 14.00
Fabrics from Joy basket.

Display - Pined Leaf-Coasters on canvas has brush strokes!
Hoodie's Goodies - Annabell Mom Apron / Lovely Morning / Eggplant 42.00
Fabrics - Lovely Morning / Eggplant, Candy Dots / Eggplant,
Spin Jam / Cream (inside pockets)
Bias tape - Hoop Dots / PurpleAnnabell Mom Apron - Dottie Mushroom-Brown/
Candy dots-Green, Egg Dots-Green, Brown (Bias Tape)
Messenger Bag - a sewing pattern by Hoodie.
Made by Mark Hordyszynski.

Hoodie's Goodies - Annabell Kid Apron with pouch / Lovely Morning / Red, 35.00
Fabrics - Lovely Morning / Cream, Dottie Mushroom / Red,
Bias tape - Spin Jam / Red
Hoodie's Goodies - Annabell Kid Apron with pouch / Lovely Morning / Blue, 32.00
Fabrics - Lovely Morning / Blue, Dottie Mushroom / Green,
Bias tape - Spin Jam / Aqua

Display Flower Pot
It was cute display for my Bell-Pot-holder as flowers, Leaf-coaster as leaf to use Wood Clothespins. I used Egg Dots inside of Bell-Pot-Holder.

Hoodie's Goodies - Bell-Pot-Holder 14.00
Sale (a pair in clear box with a notecard) 14.00Hoodie's Goodies - Open mouth Oven Mitts 14.00
Fabrics - Dottie Mushroom / Brown, Egg Dots /AquaFabrics - Lovely Morning / Eggplant, Egg Dots / YellowReversible Shopping Bag - inside two pockets
Sale 54.00 (Bag in the pouch)
(Sewing Patterns and kit will be available. Fall 2010)
Fabrics - Candy Dots and Egg Dots
Next to bags - Mushroom Cushion / GreenMushroom Cushion / Red, Purple, Brown, Green is under the red.
Fabrics - Hoop Dots and Egg Dots from Joy Basket.
Sewing Patterns will be available Fall 2010

All Hoodie's Goodies will be available Summer 2010!

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Darlene said...

Those mushroom cushions are DARLING!