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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Shop - "Hoodie in the box" is OPEN!

Finally my own shop is OPEN!
You will find many more products here than were in my Etsy shop.
I couldn't put all my products in yet, but it is open before Christmas.

I can't believe it. It is 15 days to Christmas, 21 days until the New Year.

If it is not too late for your Christmas shopping, go to Hoodie in the box

Seasons Greeting Cards -
These are actually my art that you can frame and hang on the wall or use as a room decoration.
Christmas and Happy Holiday cards will be in the shop until end of this year and will be back in October next year 2009.

Sewing patterns and Accessories are also in the shop.
Accessories are made with many different antique Japanese fabrics.
No duplicate fabrics. They are individual, just for you!
They are great gifts for Christmas or as Birthday or special presents.

Purchase by December 20th and I give you guaranteed arrival by the 23rd at your place.
You just pay first class mail shipping, I will send them Express mail or FedEx. (US only)
If you wish this service, notify me "Emergency Christmas or Seasons Gift" in the notes area as you checkout with my secure shopping cart.

Orders received after the 20th December, Shipping will be normal way as per your choice in checkout.

My fabric group postcards, "Morning Call" and "Medetai" are available to the store owners who are carrying my fabrics.
10 postcards $5.00, If you purchase 50 postcards $25.00 + Free Shipping.

You can shop using your Credit Card or Paypal. Hoodie in the box is a secure SSL encrypted site for your protection.

2009, I will put all my products and more information will be posted on my blog.

Here is our "Hey Jude'" picture on Dec 7th!
I was nervous, so I made a mistake. I was singing the wrong words in two sentences. Oops!
However I didn't get into a panic, I just continued to sing to the end.
No one realized my mistake. It was a good job.
After recital, a couple of parents commented to me,
"It was enjoyable. I didn't know you could sing!"
"I didn't know either." I answered.
One mother said, "I want to try to do something similar with my child but no singing for me."
I encouraged other parents!
About his piano, it was a little faster and louder than we practiced but no mistakes! Overall it was successful event. "I like it" according his piano teacher, Kerry.
We now have received new music that is a DUET from Kerry. We will play piano together for the next recital before my son's skill gets better than mine. Actually he is more talented to play in a dramatic way than I play.

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